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DR 6 VET - 1

DR 6 VET • Small format high performance X-ray sensors DR 6.1 VET Dimensions (H x W x D) 39 x 27 x 6,5 mm DR 6.2 VET 30 x 20 mm 36,8 x 27,5 mm Pixel size 22 x 22 μm 22 x 22 μm Number of pixels 912 x 1.368 = 1.247.616 1.250 x 1.640 = 2.050.000 Theoretical resolution 22,7 Lp/mm 22,7 Lp/mm Cable length between Sensor and CCU Control Unit 2,5 m 2,5 m Durability ≥ 400.000 images ≥ 400.000 images Installation Table-top , Wall- or Pipe support Table-top Unit, Wall- or Pipe support Image memory last image is automatically filed and retrievable last image is automatically filed and retrievable Grey levels 16 bit (65.536) 16 bit (65.536) Connection to PC USB 1.1, USB 2.0 USB 1.1, USB 2.0 Cable length between CCU Contol Unit and PC 3 m (Standard), 5 m (Optional) 3 m (Standard), 5 m (Optional) IT-Requirements For specific requirements refer to Software DÜRR MEDICAL CR 7 VET CR 35 VET CR 43 VET The compact image plate scanner for all small/intraoral plate formats The ultra-compact, super-robust and very portable CR scanner for all sizes of image plates X-ray Sensors 43 x 33 x 6,5 mm Sensor area WPNDRVE09EN/ZwerckWerker/01/11.10 Technical data are subject to change. Technical Data The X-ray cassette image plate scanner for automatic workflow and increased throughput et-Examintra and Intraoral sensors of smallest size digital X-ray diagnosis et-Exam DR 6.2 VET DÜRR NDT GmbH & Co. KG Division DÜRR MEDICAL Höpfigheimer Strasse 22 74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen Germany DR 6.1 VET MADE IN GERMANY

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DR 6 VET - 2

DR 6 VET • Reliable diagnosis in quasi real time DR 6 VET and et-Examintra • The clever package for your practice Innovative technology for your modern practice Easy integrated – quickly accepted These high resolution CCD sensors are developed The intuitive operation of the specifically for dental digital X-ray diagnoses in the Best Detail Recognition et-Examintra always To obtain best image the system can be configured to affords easy and sure operation. Using the self-explanatory icons, correct settings will be Due to the robust but filigree carbone-fiber housing Robust Housing according...

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