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DRP-1012 - 1

DRP 1012 VET wireless Flat Panel Detector For your mobile veterinary practice

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DRP-1012 - 2

DRP 1012 VET wireless • For your mobile veterinary practice Technical Data Sensor Type Amorphous Silicon with TFT (Single Panel) Active Pixel Area Active Pixel Number (light sensitive) Pixel Pitch Data Acquisition Time Battery Recharge Time Battery Performance Basic components Handle, Battery Packs(2 sets), Battery Charger, AGI (Advanced Generator Interface) Box, Cables (link Cable, P-interface Cable, USB Cable) Full Advantages of Mobility Trigger Cable Removable Handle Allows Pictures to be taken in a variety of ways. DÜRR NDT GmbH & Co. KG Division DÜRR MEDICAL Höpfigheimer Straße 22...

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