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Vet-Exam - 1

Vet-Examplus / Vet-Examintra Digital image processing The only real ALL-IN-ONE software

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Vet-Exam - 2

Suitable solution Vet-Examplus / Vet-Examintra • Get perfect results easily and quickly Vet-Examplus / Vet-Examintra • Diagnosis of the highest standard Why DÜRR MEDICAL software Integration DÜRR MEDICAL has perfectly adapted the entire There is also an archiving function, with which all software, at all stages, to the devices manufactured by requirements of a high-performance software packet are DÜRR MEDICAL itself. For instance, the image optimisation Integration into your practice Export your images into different formats and send them e.g. via email. filters always work in line with the...

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Vet-Exam - 3

Suitable solution for every case Integration Export Export your images into different formats and send them e.g. via email. Practice license Integration into different practice management programs is possible without any problems. You can find an updated list of all integrated suppliers on the Internet at With the practice license, you can install the software on every PC in your practice irrespective of the number of PCs! Really ALL-IN-ONE! DICOM patient CD The DICOM patient CD function is included in the standard packet of Vet-Exam. With a few clicks, you get to...

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Vet-Exam - 4

Vet-Examplus / Vet-Examintra • For your modern small animal and equine practice The Intraoral version of the imaging software is geared towards the use with the Intraoral sensors and the devices from the CR 7 series. Dental charts of animals most frequently treated in a practice are directly stored here and can be selected for the documentation. The filters pre-set for image optimisation are linked with the image mode and can, if desired, also be adjusted individually. The Plus version of Vet-Exam offers the most extensive packet. In addition to the functions of the Intra version, one can...

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