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meets mobility Oil-free compressor solutions for rail traffic

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Application fields Pantograph raising Operating the signal horn Pantograph raising Sanding systems Wheel flange lubrication Control system for toilet door Emptying of toilet bowl Signal horn Spring-loaded brakes Support of braking air for maintenance vehicles Filling of sand tanks Control of toilet doors and emptying of the toilet bowl Wheel flange lubrication Trust in Dürr Technik, the first manufacturer of oil-free auxiliary compressors for railway vehicles Sanding systems Oil-free compressors by Dürr Technik run approximately 300 M kilometers per year on railway vehicles, a distance...

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Highest quality standard Compressors used in rail traffic need to operate reliably under the most extreme ambient conditions. Dürr Technik Dürr Technik oil-free compressors oil-lubricated compressors Cumulated maintenance costs of a customer with oil-lubricated compressors compared to oil-free compressors from Dürr Technik in a time period of over 20 years, based on a project with 146 compressors. The potential saving (∆) amounts to 2.95 million euros – this corresponds to 86 %. High reliability and durability Our components are tested under extreme conditions, in order to meet our special...

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Great variety of productsFrom the aggregate up to the system solution Selection of our oil-free compressor aggregatesTechnical Data No matter for which application you need compressed air, our oil-free compressor aggregates can be configured exactly to your requirements. Aggregates A multitude of variations is available for you - from the direct current solution to the three-phase solution, from 24V DC up to 400V 3~AC. Special aggregates As special aggregates our products can for example be equipped with EMC filters, special paints, special electronics, plugs etc. System solutions You can...

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Great Britain Durr Technik UK Ltd. Unit 13 The Industrial Quarter Bath Business Park, Foxcote Avenue Peasedown St. John UK-Bath BA2 8SF Tel. +44 (0) 1761-42 29 44 Fax +44 (0) 1761-42 08 95 office@durrtechnik.co.uk www.durrtechnik.co.uk North America Durr Technik USA, Inc. 1295 Walt Whitman Road USA-NY 1 1747-3062 Melville Tel. +1 516-214-56 59 Fax +1 516-433-76 84 office@durrtechnikusa.com www.durrtechnikusa.com South America Durr Technik Office Latin America Quesada 2316 La Horqueta - Beccar CP 1643 Buenos Aires, Argentina Tel. +54 1 1 5263 2320 - ext....

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