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SICOLAB The impressively quiet laboratory station

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SICOLAB – The Silent Compressors for Laboratories silent – compact – mobile The versatile compressor station for laboratories and clean rooms Ultra quiet The SICOLAB oil-free compressor system was conceived by Dürr Technik, specically to be stored and used at the technician’s workbench. This is now possible, due to its extremely quiet, low-vibration operation and the compact size. The SICOLAB has an appealing, modern look, which perfectly complements other equipment in the laboratory. Its spacesaving design allows it to t neatly under the laboratory desk, while the sound-dampening cabinet...

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Your benets • Maximum operating pressure 8 bar (116 psi) • Dew point reduced by up to 65 K (117 °Ra) • Air quality according to ISO 8573-1 up to class 1:2:1 Ambiant conditions • Relative humidity up to 95 % • Operating temperature range from 5 °C to 40 °C (41 °F to 104 °F) Low noise Compact design Plug-and-Play 100 % duty-cycle Oil-free Low-vibration Very long service life Large variety of versions Options Membrane dryer Sterile lter 0.01 µm Activated carbon lter Spiral coiled hose with compressed air gun Special voltages on request TECHNICAL DATA SICOLAB Type (metric units) SICOLAB 062...

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