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Vapour recovery Made in Germany The original from Dürr Technik Convincing advantages 1. Various driving systems 2. Reliable and long service life Belt drive Direct drive In many countries around the world it is compulsory that filling stations be fitted with a vapour recovery system. Since 2009 the EC Directive 2009/126/EC requires the installation of Stage II vapour recovery systems in the petrol pumps. These systems suck off the petrol vapourair mixture at the filling nozzle and pump it back into the storage tanks of the petrol station. Thus, the escaping petrol vapours - which are...

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Technical data belt drive MEX 0831 Type Technical data direct drive 2-cylinder MEX 0544-2... Flow volume Recommended motor power Max. permissible speed of rotation Dimensions LxWxH Flow volume Motor ratings Dimensions LxWxH Wattage rating Rated current Nominal voltage Accessories: pulley (94 mm effective diameter), replacement pumps and motors on request. Remarks: V = flow volume at counter pressure pe = 150 mbar and a suction pressure pabs = 900mbar Pumping medium: air Noise level: < 70 dB(A) pabs = absolute pressure Technical data direct drive 1-cylinder MEX 0544-1... Type Flow volume...

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