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The bed head unit designed to bring a unique and innovative design to hospitals around the world.

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Antibactierial Paint Electrical sokets, all the standars available.

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an innovative project, created by the union of only two high-strength aluminum profiles, an illuminated surface entirely integrated into the profile, which creates clean lines and harmonious shapes, allowing a more effective sanitation of the medical device.

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Infrared remote control (not incl.)

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The bed head unit can then be integrated with a 30x10 or 25x10 accessory bar, with electrical sockets on the lower part and switches on request. The design was also in agreement with the maintenance departments of the hospitals, to make it easy to inspect even after installation. INOX steel medical rail: 30 x 10 // 25 x 10

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Data sheet Weight: 6 Kg per meter Color: White, Black + customizable colors on request Paint: Antibacterial Gas Outlets: Variables for type and number Section Measurements: Length based on needs, or on customer request INOX steel medical rail: 30 x 10 // 25 x 10 Closures: lateral without screws GAS socket: DIN and special Data sockets: HDMI, Rj45, Rj11, USB, Equipotential and varius data service available Electrical sockets: all the standards available Lighting: Full-length LED (patient) Double full-length LED light (ambient + reading) Remote control: infrared (not included but can be...

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Lineis is pure design for more information visit the product microsite:

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