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C-12 Defibrillator / Monitor Series - Functional characteristics C-12B: ECG Monitor and Defibrillator C-12R: ECG Monitor and Defibrillator + Annotating Recorder C-12S: ECG Monitor and Defibrillator + SpO2 Monitor C-12RS: ECG Monitor and Defibrillator + Annotating Recorder + SpO2 Monitor Functional characteristics C-12B: Electrocardiogram monitor and defibrillator in a single portable unit with case-integrated carrying handle and paddle holder. ECG Trace, indicators and help manual summarized on a high contrast liquid crystal display. Direct access to monitoring and defibrillation functions through digital keyboard and defibrillation paddles. Monitoring of three ECG leads through electrodes or defibrillation paddles. Heart Rate presentation and user-selectable alarms. Two sweep speeds. ECG Size, freeze and volume control. Manual defibrillation or synchronized cardioversion from 1 to 360 Joules. 1-2-3 operation. Internal and external paddle connections with automatic energy limit. Internal safety discharge. Defibrillator performance check and measurement of delivered energy. Power supply from 110-220V AC, internal battery or 12V DC, with incorporated power supply unit and battery charger. Autonomy: 60 discharges at 360 Joules or 6 hours of continuous monitoring. Dimensions: 370mm x 160mm x 460 mm. Weight: <10 Kg, depending on configuration. Included accessories: AC power cord, DC power cord, ECG patient cable, external defibrillation paddles, user manual. Optional accessories: adult and pediatric internal defibrillation paddles, pediatric adapters for external paddles, carrying case. Models with recorder (R): Real and delayed time recording of ECG on thermosensitive paper, with printing of date, time, heart rate, ECG lead, ECG gain, and paper speed. Defibrillation reports: storage and recording on paper of up to 20 defibrillator discharge reports with preshock and post-shock ECG printing. Events summary: Permanent memory storage and recording on paper of up to 50 successive events. Indication of date and time, defibrillator discharges and alarms triggering. Models with SpO2 Monitor (S): Monitoring of SpO2 with pulse frequency presentation and user-selectable alarms. Included accessories: sensor and extension cable. Fonrouge 1839 Buenos Aires C1440CYU Argentina Phone: +54 (11) 4635-2977 Fax: +54 (11) 4635-6873 E-mail: info@eym-electromedicina.com.ar www.eym-electromedicina.com.ar Rev.00

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