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Respiratory Rate Pressure Ulcers Heart Rate Provide Contact-free and Continuous Patient Monitoring

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EarlySense® OEM The contact-free technology provides continuous patient monitoring while eliminating alarm fatigue. It is now possible to integrate the EarlySense OEM Module to any product, with all or part of the following modules: Respiratory Rate n Breath per minute (Br/min) n High accuracy Patient Fall Prevention n 6 levels of bed exit sensitivity n Thresholds crossing notifications n Delayed exit notification for wandering patients Indication of significant trend changes n Additional visual indication of potential exits Pressure Ulcer / Decubitus Prevention n Motion analysis Indication...

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Reduce Alarm Fatigue In comparison to other monitoring solutions, EarlySense provides a very low Alarm Rate. Alarms per nurse per shift Alarms per 100 hours of monitoring The EarlySense contact-free and continuous monitoring solution was validated through extensive clinical studies that were published in peer-reviewed journals. These studies demonstrated that the implementation of the EarlySense technology significantly improves clinical outcomes and reduces economic burden. Clinical Results Reduction in length of stay in ICU for patients coming from the med/ surg unit7 Reduction in...

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Physical Characteristics Dimension Host connection (Power and communication) Electrical Absolute Maximum characteristics - Power Supplies Main Power Supply DC IN Operational Characteristics - Power supplies Main Power supply, DC-IN Power consumption - Power supplies Main Power supply, DC-IN @ 5V Operating Conditions Relative Humidity Ambient Operating Temperature Performance Respiration Rate 6 – 65 Br./min ±4% or ±1.5 Br/min, whichever is greater Heart Rate Accuracy ±4% or ±5 BPM, whichever is greater The System detects heart rate that is > 1.8 times the respiration rate. Total system...

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