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designer & manufacturer OF DENTAL IMPLANTS

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Address & Contact Head Office 72 rue cassiopée - Z.a.c. altaïs 74650 cHaVanOd (france) Phone : +33 (0) 450 450 498 fax : +33 (0) 450 456 899 Visit our e-commerce website Opening Hours from monday to friday 08:30 am - 12:30 pm 01:30 pm - 05:30 pm

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Catalogue 2015 - 4

Company overview Easy Implant® french dental implants manufacturer designer, manufacturer and distributor of dental implants, easy implant® is committed to the democratization of implantology, technically by developing ergonomic products in collaboration with its customers and financially by trying to reach the goal of providing an optimal quality with competitive costs. development and values all easy implant®‘s products are developed internally. they comply with technical specifications that result from the feedback given by our final users. all of our team work is based on three values :...

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Catalogue 2015 - 5

Company overview 100% made in France an ultramodern production center equipped with a eet of machines at the forefront of technology, our production site, located in Haute-savoie, allows us to control all stages of production: machining on lathes or cnc machining, deburring, surface treatment, anodizing, polishing, laser marking, packaging... Quality standards Our company is isO 9001 & nf en isO 13485 certified and is holder of ce certificate delivered by the french accredited organization Lne / g-med. all our activities are governed by strict rules, from design to delivery, we check and...

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Catalogue 2015 - 6

Technical datasheet We have opted for the Grade 5 titanium alloy, which contains little oxygen and iron, because of its excellent biocompatibility and its high mechanical characteristics. Indeed, a number of studies1 have defined it as the reference material in orthopedWic surgery, particularly in dental implantology. The Grade 5 titanium alloyTA6V complies with standard IS05832-3 and ASTM F136 Composition and mechanical characteristics of the grade 5 titanium alloy used for making Easy Implant® implants and prosthetic components 1. Evaluations of bone tissue integration to pure and alloyed...

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Catalogue 2015 - 7

Technical datasheet Results analysis After-sales data Results from the insertion of Easy Implant® implants at the end of December 2014 Years : Success rate Main identified causes of failure : Infection Lack of primary stability Traumatic causes Handling errors Unknown causes Interpretation In this retrospective analysis of the 2006-2014 period , the low rate of implant failure confirms the efficiency of our dental implants. Over the years, although our sales have increased significantly we managed to preserve the quality of our products. Communication actions and customer prevention have...

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Catalogue 2015 - 8

Technical datasheet Surface condition How do we get our surface state ? the implant is sandblasted with fine particles of alumina oxide al2O3 (75 µm) and its cervical portion of less than 1-mm high remains smooth (machined surface). When the implant is sandblasted, surface roughness is larger than when the surface is machined. these surface characteristics improve better bone/implant contact and reduce the healing times. since the very pure alumina particles (99.7% al2O3) are biocompatible, surface passivation in acid baths is not necessary (contrary to other manufacturers who use glass...

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Catalogue 2015 - 9

Technical datasheet A retrospective analysis of sandblasted, acid-etched implants with reduced healing times with an observation period of up to 5 years. Authors: Nelson K (, Semper W, Hildebrand D, Ozyuvaci H Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Charite-Campus Virchow Clinic, Augustenburger Platz 1, 13353 Berlin, Germany. Support: Int. J Oral Maxillofacial Implants. 2008 Jul-Aug;23(4):726-32 Purpose: To evaluate the success rate of 2 different systems with a sandblasted surface and an acid-etched surface with reduced healing times. One hundred and seventeen...

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Catalogue 2015 - 10

Technical datasheet Easy Implant® system implant geometries cylindrical, conical, & cylindrical-conical prosthetic connections morse taper with internal hexagon universal surgical kit easy Box One complete & intuitive easy implant

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Catalogue 2015 - 11

Technical datasheet prosthetic range Ocean implant références Master-S : mO33 Master-C : mc35 - mc40 Master-L : none prosthetic range Lilas implant références Platform switching definition and advantages the principle of «platform switching» is to use a prosthetic component which has a diameter underdimensioned relative to the neck of the implant. the main advantage of «platform switching» is aesthetics. a large number of studies show that the combined use of «platform switching» and a tapered connection (more waterproof) creates a tissue barrier which promotes the preservation of the...

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Catalogue 2015 - 12

Implant packaging Color coding the box • square package 88 x 88 x 21 mm. • divisible label ensuring tamper proof. • implant reference number visible on three sides of the box so it can be stored horizontally or vertically. • multilingual instructions and traceability labels included. New : a colored sticker with the length of the implant is now stuck to the tube body. the blister pack • Protective film to guarantee sterile barrier. • easy to open thanks to a cut corner. • improved grip via finger channels. Color coding (prosthetic platform) Ocean platform Lilas platform • attached to the...

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Catalogue 2015 - 13

Breakable implant user instructions remove the blister pack’s protective film by lifting up the corner marked with an arrow and words “open here”. 2 remove the blue cap under which the implant is located. activate the micromotor to detach the implant from its base. insert properly the mPi25 or mPi21 gripper into the implant 5 remove the gray cap to reach the cover screw or the healing abutment. 6 the breakable cover screw comes off its base using the manual screwdriver (tmH12).

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