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easy implant conical implant Indications : For every mandibular and maxillary cases. To stabilize a xed or removable prosthesis of a unitary, interleaved, terminal or total reconstruction. The volume and bone quality should be sufcient to support the implants. Internal connection : • Internal hexagon and morse taper connection. • Switching platform : Bone mass preservation. Conservation of papillae’s geometry and volume. Implant delivered with : Full pack • Cover screw • Healing screw • • • • Implant analog Straight titanium abutment Denitive screw Impression coping screw / lab screw Standard pack «No touch» system : Contraindicated with high bone density (D1). • Breakable implant and cover screw • Healing screw screwed into the cap All the elements can be extracted using the usual drivers (manual or on contra angle). Healing abutments Emergence Ø 3.8 mm VCi384-OM H 4.0 mm VCi386-OM H 6.0 mm Emergence Ø 5.5 mm VCi552-OM H 2.0 mm VCi554-OM H 4.0 mm VCi556-OM H 6.0 mm Healing abutments Emergence Ø 4.5 mm VCi452-OM H 2.0 mm VCi454-OM H 4.0 mm VCi456-OM H 6.0 mm Drivers Manual TMP21-C Short TMP21-L Long Contra angle MPi21-C Short MPi21-L Long Manual TMP25-C Short TMP25-L Long Contra angle MPi25-C Short MPi25-L Long

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drilling protocol The pointed end of the drill has a length of 1.00 mm. This value must be considered when drilling. Values D2 to D4 determine the densities for which the drill should be used. Do not set a rotation speed (in revolutions per minute) beyond the recommendations listed. Drill down to 5 mm if the cortical bone is thick Drill down to 5 mm if the cortical bone is thick Drill down to 5 mm if the cortical bone is thick Drill down to 5 mm if the cortical bone is thick 72, rue Cassiopée - Z.A.C. Altaïs 74650 CHAVANOD (France) Phone : +33 (0) 450 450 498

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