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easy implant product sheet MINI IMPLANT Mini-implant delivered : • Sterile healing screw • Pre-mounted titanium abutment • used as implant holder External hexagon : • External hexagon system (2,0 x 2,0 mm) Asymmetrical self-tapping thread : • Facilitates insertions and increases the resistance to extraction. Indications : For all cases of unitary lateral incisor replacements or to stabilise complete mandibulars. Simple, precise and resistant : • ts surface, micro-sandblasted with biocompatible aluminium oxide I particles, creates a uniform rough surface, increases the surface of bone-implant contact and guarantees better osseointegration. Its collar is smooth for improved gingival affinity. Drilling protocol : • he use of titanium alloy TA6V ELI F136 (ISO T 5832-3) strengthens its mechanical strength while ensuring perfect biocompatibility. • hanks to its titanium abutment or its castable T abutment, it can be used to replace unitary lateral incisors in maxillaries or mandibulars (when the alveolar ridge is very thin). EASY IMPLANT 72, Rue Cassiopée - Z.A.C. Altaïs - 74650 CHAVANOD (France) Phone : +33 (0) 450 450 498 - Fax : +33 (0) 450 456 899 - • Drilling stops can be used with FM-1.60 and FM-2.00 drills.

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Complete mini-implant surgery kit (MKO25) Manual hexagonal screwdriver (short) Ratchet wrench Contra angle driver for Master implant (extra-short) Manual driver for implants (short) Prosthetic components Implant pick-up TPU30 Straight ball abutment ABD30-252 H 2.0 mm Straight abutment MDT30-352 H 2.0 mm Healing screw VCi30 Indexed burnout cylinder CAA30 Complete surgical kit for mini-mplant Contra angle driver for Master implant (X-short) Manual hexagonal screwdriver Ø 1.20 mm (short) Ratchet wrench Manual driver for implants (short) Implant pick-up Implant replica Straight abutment Indexed...

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