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universal orthodontic lab prescription software easyrxLAB www.easyrxortho.com

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There is no charge for a lab to sign E ■ up for the Connected Plan and receive EasyRx prescriptions. Optionally Labs ■m    J I    a can choose to pay monthly for int 3D Edit, workflow, production and invoice solutions. Duringer Orthodontic Lab Alameda, CA EasyRx Connected Lab Sign up for the Free Connected plan to become an EasyRx Connected Lab An EasyRx Connected Lab can: • Digitally receive prescriptions from any practice using EasyRx • Work with neat, legible EasyRx prescriptions with supporting digital files attached • Communicate securely with practices • Mark prescriptions as checked...

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easy Left Right EasyRx File Scrubber Orient Model Orient Model Trim Model Trim Model Q Adjust Trin 0 Restore Original Trim Path Use EasyModelTrim Base Type Base Height I Custom Base Height wan ThicKness ihoiiow only Cut Model Position Cutting Pic Orient Model Trim Model 9% Trim Model O Adjust Trim & Restore Original Trim Path EasyModelTrim Complete Base Type Base Height | Custom Base Height Wall ThicKness (Hollow Only) Cut Model Position Cutting Plane U Rx ID W Patient Name □ Patient Initials Bin Number O Practice Name Position First Label Position Second Label Whether the STL files is...

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Lab Subscription Plans Labs can choose from four Subscription Plans to integrate EasyRx into their lab. Why EasyRx Connected Lab? • Implement a full digital prescription workflow for your lab for free! • Connect to any practice using EasyRx • Differential your lab from other labs using web portals, PDF and third party file sharing services • EasyRx prescriptions reduce common errors seen on confusing and sometimes indecipherable hand drawn prescription sketches • Secure communication with your practices, improving compliance for everyone. • Use EasyAPI to integrate EasyRx with your...

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universal orthodontic lab prescription software Schedule your EasyRx demo and get connected to today! www.easyrxortho.com 1.888.340.3751 info@easyrxortho.com

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