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easyrx universal orthodontic lab prescription software

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EasyRx is cloud-based universal lab prescription software for orthodontic practices and labs. For the practice, EasyRx features include: Write patient appliance, aligner and indirect bonding prescriptions using The EasyRx Universal Lab Prescription Form Attach digital files, including 3D Models / STL files to patients and prescriptions Submit prescriptions to your In-House and Commercial Labs Track patient prescriptions using the Prescription Dashboard, desktop notifications and the Daily Digest Email and Stats Provide Prescription Feedback that is communicated to your labs Create...

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WRITE Use the EasyRx Universal Orthodontic Lab Prescription Form to quickly create write patient appliance, aligner and indirect bonding prescriptions SUBMIT Submit Prescriptions to InHouse and Commercial Labs, while following prescription workflow. Communicate securely with labs. TRACK Robust Prescription Dashboard tracks prescriptions, due dates, notifications, receive daily digest emails ATTACH Attach digital files, including STL, to patients and prescriptions IN-HOUSE & COMMERCIAL LABS 3D MODEL EasyRx 3D: View and base STL files from your browser Submit to your In-House and Commercial...

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Use EasyRx Stats for in-depth reporting and analysis on all your prescriptions – in seconds! See prescription data broken down by parts, appliances, templates, models, aligner and IDB. See counts and money spent on each item and a prescription total. Drill down for detailed information. Filter by commercial and In-House Lab, office and doctor. EasyRx has allowed our in-house appliance technician to plan her work-flow more efficiently. It helps us track our appliances with greater confidence and enhances our communication with our technician. I certainly think EasyRx will become the Gold...

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EasyRx 3D: The Next Generation of 3D Software OPTIMIZE    TRIM Whether the file is from an intra-oral scanner, cone-beam or from a digital study model service from a lab, EasyRx 3D provides a fast and efficient solution to view and edit STL files. •    100% Cloud - no software download to view, trim and base your 3D/STL files any longer • Compatible with standard browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE • Compatible with industry brands like iTero, TRIOS and Carestream EasyRx View1 • Quickly and easily view standard 3D/STL files inside your browser • Includes STL File Optimize...

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• The EasyRx Universal Orthodontic Lab Prescription Form - Create prescriptions for any appliance or lab item, submit to any lab • One application to manage all patient prescriptions and digital files, including 3D Model / STL files • Connect your Rxs and STL files on a product built for orthodontic lab prescriptions. No longer rely on proprietary lab Rx systems and third party file sharing services. • Manage your In-House lab, improving control, accountability and efficiency. • Stop juggling different portal logins and submitting STL files separately to your labs • The EasyRx Universal...

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SPILLERS ORTHODONTICS WHERE GREAT SMILES BEGINI J. Don Spillers, Jr., DMD, MS Spillers Orthodontics Warner Robins, GA EasyRx allows us to streamline our digital workflow by connecting all our office locations to our In-house Lab. It also allows us to pull scans from our different devices. Simply put, it connects all the dots with the different scanners and lab software. We love the tracking ability for appliances. The EasyRx Team is easy to work with and their support is great.

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Invite your labs to use EasyRx! Labs using the free version of EasyRx can: Work with neat, legible EasyRx prescriptions with supporting digital files attached Communicate securely with practices Mark prescriptions as checked in, shipped and provide tracking information Customize the EasyRx Universal Library of parts, appliances and templates and share with practices using EasyRx Catalog precise, customized prescription templates for practices Digitally receive prescriptions from any practice using EasyRx Configure their customized acrylic color chart and decals Optionally, labs can also: •...

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universal orthodontic lab prescription software

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