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Easy seal Medical Easy seal Medical EF100-L Automatic Sealer Main Features y Auto-control function, adopt highlighted digital tube display continuous operation; temperature accuracy of <±1°C ,working temperature randomly set up from 60-120°C; adopt dajustable fixed-force system; y Advanced flat ceramic heating components, Fast heating, 40s required from room temperature to 180°C. Technical Parameters ► Seal speed: 10±0.5m/min    ► Power: 500W ► Seal width: 12mm    ► Seal margin: 0~35mm Ethylene Oxide Gas Monitor Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Monitor EF603 EF605 Ethylene Oxide & Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Monitor EF602 ► Seal strength: meets BS EN ISO 11607:2006 ►AC Power: According to customer requirements EF100-E Automatic Sealer Main Characteristics y Intelligent temperature controller, adopt highlighted digital tube display accuracy <±1°C, working temperature range: SI60~220°C; y High rate increase of temperature, only 40s needed to rise from room temperature to 180°C; y Adjustable fixed-force system, suitable for sealing paper-plastic bags, 3D paper-plastic bags and paper-paper bags. Specification ► Seal speed: 10±0.5m/min ► Seal width: 12mm ► Seal strength: meets BS EN ISO 11607:2006 ► Power: 500W ► Seal margin: 0~35mm ►AC Power: According to customer requirements EF100-C Automatic Sealer Main Features > 43"(95x55mm) color LCD display, ligh-touch keyboard, internal clock; > Temperature controlled by a microcomputer, accuracy <±1°C, working temperature range 60 ~ 220°C; Fast heating, 40s required from room temperature to 180°C; Adjustable fixed-force system, suitable for sealing 3D paper-plastic bags and paper-plastic bags of any thickness; y Automatic energy-saving during standby,adjustable waiting time configuration,intelligent quick recover from stanby,longer life span and less energy consuming; > Suitable to connect with accessories such as multi-functional stainless paper-cutting worktable, axletree worktable, etc. ► Seal speed: 10±0.5m/min    ► Power: 500W    ►Weight: 16kg ► Seal width: 12mm    ► Seal margin: 0~35mm    ► Dimensions: 490x260x136mm ► Seal strength: meets BS EN ISO 11607:2006    ►AC Power: According to customer requirements Note: If necessary, the machine could be set up to display and print out the characters in other languages. Application The hospital disinfection supply center uses hydrogen peroxide gas and ethylene oxide gas for low temperature sterilization. On October 27, 2017, the International Agency for Research on Cancer at the World Health Organization released a preliminary reference for the list of carcinogens, hydrogen peroxide in the list of three categories of carcinogens, and ethylene oxide in the list of categories of carcinogens. The health industry standard of the People’s Republic of China, "WS 310.1 Hospital Disinfection Supply Center Part I," proposes that appropriate concentrations of harmful gas concentration alarms should be configured in the work areas such as ethylene oxide, hydrogen peroxide, low-temperature plasma, and low-temperature formaldehyde steam sterilization. Therefore, a hydrogen peroxide detection device and an ethylene oxide detection device suitable for a hospital disinfection room are needed to ensure the health of the medical staff. Main Features y EF603 can carry out real-time monitoring of ethylene oxide gas in the room and concentration alarm.; y EF605 can carry out real-time monitoring of Hydrogen Peroxide gas in the room and concentration alarm.;Wall-mounted; y Operation: touch screen, can realize zero calibration, range setting, function test, alarm threshold adjustment and other functions; y Alarm: in-built alarm, light and sound alarms; y Extension: The control interface is reserved, and fans and other exhaust equipment can be added to achieve linkage between the monitoring gas and the exhaust equipment. Technical Parameters ► According to customer requirements    ► Accuracy: 0.1 ppm ► Range: 0-100 ppm    ► Respond time: <90s (EF603) ► Sensor life: 24 months    ► Respond time: <30s (EF605) ► Work Humidity: 15%~90% RH (no condensation) ►Work Temperature: -20°C~ + 50°C ► AC Power Supply : 220V±10% 50Hz Note: If necessary, the machine could be set up to display and print out the characters in other languages.

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