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Easyseal Medical Easyseal Medical EF215-A K Automatic Cutter EF131-TR Rapid Sealing-Printing Machine Main Features y Touch screens, with automatic storage function of work parameters, and optional scanning gun can be used to set up and change parameters. The application of unique roll-cutting technique has effectively prolonged the service life of the blades. The cutters feature time-and-labor saving.high efficiency and full functioning, It is the upgrading version of manual cutting machine. Operation System Operation System Main Features y Adopt the world1 s first heat sealing technology to make sealing speed 2 times faster than normal devices, and can meet users' requirement for fast sealing ; y 7"colored LCD touch screen, graphical operation interface, English display and printing, in-built clock, and adjustable parameters settings; y Temperature controlled by a microcomputer, fast heating and high temperature control precision; y Safe operation: If the sealing temperature and sealing pressure exceeds setting range, the machine will automatically stop working, which effectively guarantees the seal quality and safety: y Native OQ function: test time, sealing temperature, pressure, speed, sealing time, operator and serial No. of equipment can be printed in English. (Patent No.: ZL 2016 3 0419176.0) Technical Parameters Main Features Rapid Heat Sealer EF130-E > The machine has highlighted digital tube display, adopts the world's first rapid continuous sealing technology, whose sealing speed is one time quicker than conventional heat sealers, with temperature control precision of <±1°C, random setup of working temperature 60 ~ 220°C, counting function, satisfying the requirements for quick sealing , upgraded replacement of conventional heat sealers. High-speed increase of temperature: only 40 seconds. Technical Parameters ► Sealing Speed: 20±0. 5m/min ► Sealing Width: 12mm ► Sealing Margin: 0~35mm adjustable ► Power: 600W ► Weight 12kg ► Dimensions: 426X206X125mm ► AC Power: According to customer requirements ► Sealing Speed: 20±0.5m/min ► Sealing Width: 12mm ► Sealing Margin: 0~35mm adjustable ► Max Current: 3.2A Printing System Features ► Power: 500W ► Weight: 17kg ► Dimensions: 560X260X220mm ► AC Power : According to customer requirements ► Printing system can print medical device labels,marks and information, such as the expiry date, lot No., department name, name or code of the operator, cooker No. and cooker batch; ► The in-built printer can adjust the size, gap and direction of the fonts, so more information could be printed onto the narrow pouches. EF131-T Rapid Sealing-Printing Machine EF130-ER Rapid Heat Sealer The sealers are feed from right side and the other functions are the same as EF 130-E. y Complete optional accessories, such as the roller worktables and multifunction worktables. ► 7" color LCD capacitive touch screen with Android OS, which features in graphical operation interface,single chip control system, adjustable parameters settings with English input methods or using optional scanning gun,automatic storage with functions of voice reading, voice prompt and Wifi connection etc; ► The machine has printing parameter database and the sealing parameters can also be recorded through a wireless router; ► Temperature controlled by a microcomputer:fast heating and high temperature control precision; ► Complete peripheral supporting facilities, such as the multifunctional sealing machine worktables, special silent Note: If necessary, the machine could be set up to display and print out the characters in other languages. Note: If necessary, the machine could be set up to display and print out the characters in other languages.

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