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Easyseal Medical Easyseal Medical EF101-TR K Sealing Printing Machine with Touch Screen Sealing Printing Machine EF101-PD Main Features y 7"color LCD touch screen, which features in graphical operation interface, in-built clock, adjustable parameters settings and automatic storage; With positive(descending) sequence counter to count sealing number with a range of 0-9999; with special functions of printing and adjusting space marks; Computer intelligent temperature control design, random setup of working temperature from 60-220°C with error less than±l°C; When the operational temperature is 4°C higher or lower than the setting range of temperature, the machine will stop working to insure the quality of the sealing and the security;with native OQ function. (Patent No.: ZL 2016 3 0419176.0) Technical Parameters Main Features 4.3" colored LCD touch screen (95*55mm), light touch screen, in-built clock and parameter automatic storage function; y Special design through the microcomputer-controlled mechanisms to realize quick heating up and auxiliary cooling down; y The machine will stop working automatically if the sealing temperature exceeds ±4%, this can gurantee the sealing quality and safe operation; y Temperature controlled by a microcomputer, accuracy < ±1°C, random setup of working temperature range 60~220°C; Technical Data ► Sealing Speed: 10±0.5m/min ► Sealing Width: 12mm ► Sealing Margin: 0~35mm adjustable ► Power: 500W ► Weight: 18kg ► Dimensions: 560x260x220mm ► Seal speed: 10±0.5m/min ►Power: 500W ► Seal width: 12mm ►Max current: 3.2A ► Seal margin: 0~35mm ►Weight: 19kg ► Temperature error: <±1°C ► Dimension: 560x260x220mm ► AC Power: According to customer requirements Printing System Features ► Printing system can print medical device labels,marks and informations,such as sterilization date, expiry date, sterilization lot No., sterilizer No., operator codes. ► English printing system, convenient and fast setup of buit-in printer makes the printing content clear, and more contents can be printed on relatively narrow pouches; ► The system provides the required minimum width of the pouches based on the content of print, easier for users to define the printing content or select appropriate pouches. Main Features of Printer ► Can print Chinese/English characters, numbers and the special symbols ; can also print all the information required by the relevant specifications, such as the expiry date, lot No., department name, name or code of the operator, cooker No. and cooker batch; ► One in-built printer can adjust the size, gap and direction of the fonts, so more information could be printed onto the narrow pouches. The operator can close all the printing functions simply by pressing one key or choose to close one of the printing functions; Medical Electronic Magnifier EF270 EF101-CR Sealing Printing Machine with Touch Screen The medical electronic magnifier developed by our company adopts a 10.2" touch screen, which can replace most of the medical optical magnifiers. The detection and display separation, no focus, with high magnification, adjustable magnification, using advanced image processing and display technology, Makes the enlarged image clear and stable, easy to observe; using aluminum alloy bracket, the display angle is easy to adjust, durable, easy to install; specially designed camera flexible bracket, can shoot objects at any angle, effort and convenience; with LED lighting, its brightness Adjustable, bright vision, easy instrument observation. Use scenarios: medical device inspection, hospital and school research tools, animal anatomy inspection, plant growth testing, skin inspection, electronic production quality testing, criminal investigation and so on. ► This model of sealer adapts unique design of structure, with a small size and light weight; ► Please refer to EF101-TR for more features and parameters; Note: If necessary, the machine could be set up to display and print out the characters in other languages. Technical Data ► Resolution: 5 million; ► Screen Resolution: 1024*600 ► Amplification Factor: <30 ► Power: 11W ► Distance Range: > 100mm ► Screen Size: 10.2" ► Sensor: Auto Focus ► AC Power: 220V 50Hz ► Light: LED ► Check Range: R1.5m(2m Available) Note: If necessary, the machine could be set up to display and print out the characters in other languages.

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