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Easy seal Medical Easyseal Medical Sealing Printing Machine with Touch Screen Sealing Printing Machine EF101-U Main Features Main Features > 7" Color Capacitive touch screen, with Android OS graphical user interface, and parameters can be set up and stored; In-built color touch control screen can be used without computer connection to set up or change the operation parameters , with English input methods or using optional scanning gun; 8 million records of sealing and printing information can be inquired by printing parameters database or you can use wireless router to adjust them; y Safe operation^ the sealing temperature and sealing pressure exceeds setting range, the machine will automatically stop working,which effectively guarantees the seal quality and safety; Adjustable fixed-force system .suitable for sealing 3D paper-plastic pouches and paper -plastic pouches of any thickness, with native OQ function. (Patent No.: ZL 2016 3 0419170.3) Technical Parameters ► Seal speed: 10±0.5 m/min ► Power: 500W ► Seal width: 12 mm ► Weight: 18kg ► Seal margin: 0~35mm ► Temperature range: 60~220°C ► Temperature error:<±l°C ► Dimension: 560x260x220mm ► AC Power: According to customer requirements Printing System Features ► Printing system can print medical device labels,marks and informations; Printing of sterilization date, expiry date,lot NO., Sterilizer NO., operators and department conforms to relevant standard. ► With in-built printer:font width, space are adjustable, convenient for more information to be printed on narrow pouches;print function can be closed with one- key or partially activated; ► System automatically provides printing width value and estimates minimum pouches width for printing requirement. y 4.3" colored LCD touch screen, light touch screen, in-built clock and parameter automatic storage function; y Under USB mode, device can be connected with computer and transfer data, and set printing information through program built in the device, so as to make more adjustment and changes; y Under SD card mode, user can store printing information inside the card so as to opearate without computer; y Special design through the microcomputer-controlled mechanisms to realize quick heating up and auxiliary cooling down; y The machine will stop working automatically if the sealing temperature exceeds ±4%, this can gurantee the sealing quality and safe operation; Automatic failure alarm and automatic detection during working; With 3 million sealing paprameter storage, which can be easy for sealing quality check and follow-up. Main Features of Printer ► Can print English characters, numbers and the special symbols specified;can also print all the information required by the relevant specifications, such as the expiry date, lot No., department name, name or code of the operator, cooker No. and cooker batch; ► One in-built printer can adjust the size, gap and direction of the fonts, so more information could be printed onto the narrow pouches. The operator can close all the printing functions simply by pressing one key or choose to close one of the printing functions; EF101—U Stainless Steel Technical Data ► Sealing Speed: 10±0.5m/min ► Sealing Width: 12mm ► Sealing Margin: 0 ~ 35mm adjustable ► Power: 500W ► Weight: 18kg ► Dimensions: 560x260x220mm ► AC Power Supply: According to customer requirements Heat Sealer with Counter EF100-L Main Features y With multi qutomatic control functions, can seal continuously and counting; y Temperature controlled by a microcomputer, accuracy <±1°C, random setup of working temperature range 60~220°C, can meet basic sealing function; y Fast increase of temperature, it takes only 40s from room temperature to 180°C. Technical Data ► Sealing Speed: 10±0.5m/min ► Sealing Width: 12mm ► Sealing Margin: 0~ 35mm adjustable ► Power: 500W ► Weight: 12kg ► Dimensions: 482x242x 157mm ► AC Power Supply: According to customer requirements Note: If necessary, the machine could be set up to display and print out the characters in other languages. Note: If necessary, the machine could be set up to display and print out the characters

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