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Easy seal Medical Easyseal Easy seal Medical A^Eptii: Tube Machine ■ ■ Medical Aseptic Tube Machine Sealing Test Cards(Pouches) EF661 The Aseptic machine is a table-top sterile connection device. In a partially clean environment, two aseptic standard medical PVC pipes are connected by heating and docking. The connected product continues to maintain sterility. It consists of host, pipe clamp, high-frequency sealing device, liquid crystal display and running counter. The heating element replaces the disposable heating blade to save consumables and reduce the difficulty of operation; the high-frequency electrode ensures that the inner wall of the pipeline can be connected; it is safe, reliable, fast, and has a high degree of automation. Mainly used places: Mainly used at various blood stations, hospital blood transfusion departments and blood banks. Applicable material: Medical PVC. EF666 Industrial Aseptic Tube Machine Our Easyseal test cards(pouches) can be used to detect and record the performance parameters of the sealer when it operates They can clearly show the sealing result and quality of a sealer by outstanding the defects of the sealing edge, so sealing problems could be found out quickly and the sealing parameters can be adjusted accordingly to satisfy the sealing requirements and ensure the sealing quality, at the same time the test specimens can be stored for validation or following up the sealing quality in the future. ► Continuous and complete; ► No channel or unsealed area; ► No perforation or torn parts; ► No separated layers. The industrial Aseptic Tube machine is a device connected by a heat-sealing blade, which can realize the safe connection of the liquid-filled thermoplastic pipeline in a non-sterile environment, and ensures the asepsis, the non-pyrogenicity of the connection place and can pass through. Related verification. It is suitable for aseptic connection of two standard TPE material pipelines. In the process of taking over, it can protect the pipeline from microbial contamination. The aseptic tuber is small in size and easy to operate. The connection pipeline has a short time, high efficiency, and a wide range of applicable diameters. It satisfies the resistance of the whole machine to hydrogen peroxide fumigation or disinfectant to disinfect the surface of alcohol disinfectant. It is easy to clean and has no dead ends.. Applicable materials: C-Flex, PharmaPure, AdvantaFlex, PharMed BPT, SaniPure BDF. Technical Data ► Tube Outer Diameter: 6.4-31.8mm ► Connection time: <300s ► Frequency: 40.38 MHz ► Input Voltage: 220V 50Hz ► Motor Power: 11W ► RF Output: 90W Industrial Pulse Sealer The series of heat sealing equipment adopts pulse heating method, which can realize various functions such as bagging, vacuum suction, bag opening, filling, sealing, cooling or evacuation, and inflating. It adopts automatic microcomputer control, precise temperature control, and different thicknesses. Different materials need heat sealing. Thanks to its excellent temperature-rising process protection, the revolutionary hot air technology guarantees the reproducibility and reliability of the heat-sealed product, enabling effective seal verification and fully meeting the needs of GMP certification. Note: If necessary, the machine could be set up to display and print out the characters in other languages. Installation Qualification (IQ) ► Installation Qualification stands for a performance test of the sealing machine before installation and use; ► Sealing performance is influenced by the working temperature,speed and pressure, specifically based on the sealing materials; ► Temperature and pressure bias can be reflected on test papers. Operation Qualification (OQ) ► Whether channels or unsealed areas exist; ► Whether the pressure is too high or too low; ► Whether the temperature is too high or too low; ► Whether the sealing strip is continuous. Application Of Sealing Test Cards(Pouches) There are two types of sealing test cards(pouches): high-temperature paper-plastic pouch test cards(pouches) and Tyvek low-temperature sealing test cards(pouches). The pouches to be sealed for high-temperature steam sterilization or ethylene oxide sterilization should use paper-plastic pouch test cards(pouches); while those for low temperature plasma sterilization should use Tyvek test cards(pouches); suitable type of test pouches should be selected based on the material of the cards(pouches). EF362 Low-Temperature test Pouch

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