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Easy seal Medical Easyseal Easy seal Medical Sterile Bag Optional accessories Applied Area Medical equipment packaging in disinfection supply center, operating rooms and other sterile clinical departments. Materials and Features ► Bacteria proof, water proof, dust proof, alcohol proof and ventilation; ► Steam, ethylene oxide sterilization indicative marks; ► Standard compliance with breathability/barrier properties/nontoxicity/ mechanical properties/water repelency/easy-opening/fissility; ► Tear direction instructions; ► Traceable marks of the manufacture; ► Meets the requirements of SBS. Norms: ISO11607-1&-2, EN868-5, CE, YY0698.5-2009. Technical Parameters Medical transparent packaging material High temperature sterilization flat roll of paper-plastic bag Tyvek Volume Bag Applied Area Tyvek volume bag is highly bacterial-proof, high strength, water-proof and breathable. It is widely used for pre-sterilization medical items packaging, especially for hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilization. Materials and Features ► Polyethylene film and Tyvek thermal compressed; ► Low temperature hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilization; ► Hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilization indicative marks; ► Cleansplit. superior bacteria proof and anti-tear ability ► Clean split, superior bacteria proof and anti-tear ability; ► Tear direction and length instructions: ► Aseptic storage duration up to 6 months; ► Visualization and good penetration performances. Sterilization method: Low temperature hydrogen peroxide plasma. Norms: EN868, ISO11607, GB/T19633, YY/T0698 Materials and Features Cleansteam bag is mainly used for asepsis storage of device accessories, tools and asepsis clothes related to rubber plug sterilization packages or pharmaceutic industries, is mainly made of medical dialysis paper and medical composited membrane; Chemical instruction sterilization identifier available; It is solid and durable with waterproof permeability and high strength performances; Relative standards both home and abroad compliant; Idea alternative of import products. P.S: We provide customized Tyvek bags based on special need

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