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The ECROS Group was founded in 1990 in Saint-Petersburg. The ECROS Group is an innovative technology enterprise in the market of laboratory equipment and analytical instruments. ECROSKHIM is a member of the Group and one of the leading manufacturers of laboratory and analytical instruments, laboratory ware, consumable materials, laboratory furniture and CRMs in Russia. You are now keeping the catalog which presents general and special-purpose equipment for ecological, petrochemical, medical, research and school laboratories. We are proud of our western standard quality management system...

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Equipment - 3

petroleum testing equipment GENERAL LABORATORY EQUIPMEMT Drying ovens Overhead stirrers Overhead stirrers Laboratory jacks Laboratory jacks

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Equipment - 4

INSTRUMENTS AND EQUIPMENT PE spectrophotometers (PE-5300VI, PE-5400VI, PE-5400UV) are developed in compliance with the requirements imposed in laboratories to spectral equipment for environmental control (water, air, soil), quality control of drinking water, process control of raw materials and finished products in various industrial fields (food, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, petrochemical) ADVANTAGES ■ SPECTRoPHoToMETER PE-5300VI ■ Absorbance value doesn't depend on a cuvette position in a cell holder. ■ The universal cell holder has the possibility to install the following...

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Equipment - 5

■ AUTOMATIC COULOMETRIC TITRATOR FOR MOISTURE DETERMINATION BY KARL FISCHER'S METHOD PE-9210 INSTRUMENTS AND EQUIPMENT PC software SC5400 for spectrophotometers PE-5400VI and PE-5400UV PC software SC5400 allows: ■ Wavelength scanning of a sample absorbance at a given range with a given pitch (1 to 10.0 nm); ■ determining peaks on the received spectrums ■ saving and loading tables of peaks and the tables of scanning results ■ printing reports of scanning ■ observing scan process on PC screen in real-time mode Purpose: Automatic coulometric moisture titrator PE-9210 is used to measure...

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Equipment - 6

INSTRUMENTS AND EQUIPMENT ■ X-RAY FLUORESCENCE SULFUR-IN-OIL ANALYZER PE-7700 EDXRF Sulfur-in-Oil Analyzer PE-7700 is a reliable XRF instrument for sulfur determination in petroleum and petroleum products such as motor fuel, naphtha, heavy oil, crude oil, etc. PE-7700 advantages: ■ Fast analysis and high accuracy ■ Automatic compensation of carbon matrix effect ■ Easy to use disposable sample cells ■ Strong metal case assures reliable X-ray protection and long operational life ■ User friendly graphic interface with touchscreen allows easy error free operation ■ Noiseless thermal graphic...

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Equipment - 7

■ oCTANE NUMBER METER PE-7300 ■ PENSKY-MARTENS CLOSED CUP FLASH POINT TESTER PE-TVZ INSTRUMENTS AND EQUIPMENT Purpose: The flash point tester PE-TVZ is intended for usage as laboratory equipment to perform closed cup flash point determination of oil products according to method B EN ISO 2719: 2002 and AsTM D93 are considered for oil products testing. Principle of the tester PE-TVZ operation is that the cup with analyzed sample is heated with specified speed and the burned flame is set to the sample at temperature intervals which are prescribed by the Standard. The lowest temperature at...

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Equipment - 8

■ LABORATORY SET N22M6U (SET FOR EXPRESS ANALYSIS OF PETROLEUM PRODUCTS QUALITY) ■ PORTABLE SAMPLER FOR PETROLEUM AND PETROLEUM PRODUCTS PE-1650 INSTRUMENTS AND EQUIPMENT 12 Portable laboratory for sample taking and on-line acceptance analysis of fuel with standard and express methods. Technical capabilities of the laboratory set: ■ Determination of octane number by motor and research methods; ■ Determination of cetane number; ■ Determination of lead content in motor fuels; ■ Oil products density detection; ■ Determination of mechanical impurities; ■ Water; ■ Motor fuels color detection; ■...

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Equipment - 9

Purpose: sampling of petroleum and petroleum products from transport tanks and stationary tanks with depth up to 5m. Recommendations: ■ PE-1610 is recommended for sampling of crude oil and lubricants oil. ■ PE-1600 is intended for petrol, diesel fuel, naphtha. Scope of delivery: sampler - 1pc, brass chain (12m) Technical specifications The drying oven is to be used for drying, firing, melting, curing and sterilization of various articles, treatment of tools and samples as well as performance of laboratory investigations of every sort and kind in the laboratories of industrial enterprises,...

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Equipment - 10

The water bath is intended to handle a wide range of laboratory procedures for industrial, biological and scientific research. The instrument is designed for accurate temperature control between ambient +5°C up to 100°C. Advantages: ■ instrument body is covered with powder paint resistant to mechanical and chemical impact ■ made of high-quality stainless steel ■ electromechanic protection from overtemperature ■ DRY BLoCK HEATERS PE-4010, PE-4020, PE-4030, PE-4050 The dry block heater is intended for heating the samples in reaction vessels (10 ml) at fixed temperature regime under laboratory...

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Equipment - 11

■ HEATING MANTLES PE-4100(M), PE-4110(M), PE-4120(M), PE-4130(M) ■ FABRIC HEATING MANTLES ESF-41XX AND ESF-4110S/BEAKER HEATERS ESB-41XX INSTRUMENTS AND EQUIPMENT 18 Features: ■ Heating element is placed into safe fiberglass which excludes permanent deformation and avoid heat losses; ■ Two-zone heating with the possibility of switching off the heating of the top zone. Purpose: the heating mantle is intended for heating liquids in round-bottomed flasks made of heat-resistant glass with the volume of 250, 500, 1000 and 2000 ml within the temperature range from the ambient one to 450°C. Analog...

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Equipment - 12

■ HOT PLATES ES-H, ES-HA, ES-HF, ES-HS ■ HOT PLATES ES-H, ES-HA, ES-HF, ES-HS ■ ES-H (CERAMIC COATING) Purpose: hot plate is intended for fast and uniform heating of beakers, flasks and other vessels. Features: ■ Ceramic plate is excellently resistant to acid, bases and solvents (except fluohydric acid); ■ Digital display for precise temperature setting; ■ Quality-price ratio. ■ ES-HF (TEFLoN CoATING) Features: ■ Hot plates are produced in two models: ES-HF3040 (with built-in control board) and ES-HF4060 (with remote control board). Hot plate with the remote control board allows adjusting...

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