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Analytical Instrumentation Surf the New Wave in Portable Fiber Optic Spectrometry Concave Grating Spectrometers for UV-VIS & NIR The BLACK-Comet spectrometer series offers low cost, research grade performance in a small, ruggedized package. The instruments are exceptionally robust with no moving parts and are packaged in a small metal enclosure for a variety of spectroscopy applications in field, research lab, factory process, and QA/QC environments. Each spectrometer utilizes a 40mm diameter concave grating with aberration correction to provide superb spectral imaging. This significantly improves spectral shapes by reducing comma and astigmatism present in plane grating miniature spectrometer designs. The flat field spectrograph architecture does not utilize mirrors and therefore provides the lowest possible stray light in the UV. StellarNet’s patented optical design with permanent alignment employs no grating adjustments to provide unbeatable thermal stability minimizing wavelength drift from temperature. A multi-band filter is integrated into the spectrograph to provide order sorting and prevent optical aliasing. The instruments optical input is a standard SMA-905 connector, using single strand fiber optic cable with typical silica core diameters of_ 400um, 600um, and_1000um. Each spectrometer connects via the supplied USB2 cable and requires no external power supply. ThermoElectric Cooling (TEC) is optional and can be added to any of the models. Six different models are available, ranging from the –HR high resolution H series to the –SR wide range models – perfect for any application! BLACK-Comet Model and Resolution Table Model Wavelength Range Price BLK-C 190-850nm $2750 BLK-CXR 280-900nm $2750 BLK-C-SR 200-1080nm $3495 BLK-CXR-SR 220-1100nm $3495 BLK-HR-UV 200-600nm $2750 BLK-HR-VIS 350-780nm $2750 14390 Carlson Circle, Tampa, Florida, 33626 USA Voice: +1-813-855-8687 Fax: +1-813-855-2279 ContactUs@StellarN

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StellarNet BLACK-Comet Concave Grating Spectrometers for UV-VIS & NIR StellarNet offers a variety of fiber optic sampling accessories for a multitude of applications with the BLACK-Comet spectrometer series. For SpectroRadiometric measurements, StellarNet offers NIST calibrated integrating spheres, cosine receptors, and lens attachments. High performance light sources, optical fibers, probes, and transmission/reflectance fixtures are available for any Optical Metrology and Colorimetry application. StellarNet also offers cuvette holders, dip probes, and flow cells for SpectroChemistry and...

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