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FIR Series of Products FAR Infrared lasers/Terahertz lasers With over 30 years expertise in designing and manufacturing a range of optically pumped FIR (Terahertz) lasers, our products are used in applications where coherent radiation in the Photonics Division range of 40 μm to 1.22mm (0.25 –7.5 THz) is required. When combined with our PL Series of CO2 lasers the FIR laser becomes a powerful tool for taking laser line measurement at high peak powers. Hollow dielectric waveguide for low propagation loss. Invar stabilised resonator. Dichroic output coupler for optimum system performance. Integrated or free standing systems including steering mirrors, focussing optics and mounting plate available to couple CO2 and FIR resonators. Motorised and manual cavity length control options. Integral water cooling. High vacuum integrity. 295 This model 295 is a stand-alone FIR laser designed for operation with high power CO2 lasers. Guaranteed powers of 150mW when pumped by the PL5, and 500mW when pumped by the PL6, are available at 118.8μm and 184.3μm. The 295 has a 3 bar invar support frame and features the same optical design as used in the FIRL 100. It has been engineered to allow UHV pumping for extended sealed operation, maximum power and number of lines. 395 Twin Laser The model 395 features two identical FIR laser cavities within a single 5 bar invar stabilised frame. This is particularly designed for applications where two FIR outputs are required such as Plasma diagnostics, with one frequency offset from the other by up to a few MHz. Both FIR cavities of the 395 are pumped by a single PL6 Laser to ensure optimum stability of the Intermediate Frequency (IF). A 50/50 beam splitter is used to generate the two identical pump beams required. The output couplers of both FIR sections are mounted on precision linear translation stages for individual optimisation and to generate the cavity length difference for frequency offset. FIRL 100 The model FIRL100 has both the CO2 pump laser and the FIR laser housed in an integrated structure combining a highly efficient optically pumped FIR system into a single compact unit. The lasers and coupling optics are mounted within a 5 bar invar rod frame for excellent thermal and mechanical stability. The CO2 section provides 80 lines between 9.1μm and 10.9μm and features a flowing gas single discharge tube giving more than 50W on the strongest lines. Mode performance (M2 <1.25) is assured by internal profiling of the tube and the use of high quality optics. The resonator design is based on the proven PL5 laser with diffraction grating, two ZnSe Brewster windows and piezo ceramic mounted ZnSe output coupler. The CO2 laser output is coupled into the FIR laser via two steering mirrors and a ZnSe focussing lens. Access to the CO2 radiation beam diagnostics for Infrared experiments is available via a precision, two position sliding mirror mechan

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FIRL 100 far infrared output specification FIR laser frequencies arise from rotational transitions in an excited vibrational state of a polar gas molecule at low pressure. The optically pumped FIR laser relies on the selective absorption of tunable infrared radiation to create a population inversion between rotational states and hence generation laser action. In practice, a few molecules are chosen to provide discrete frequencies across the entire FIR spectrum from 40pm upwards. Tables of FIR lines are available on request. A wide range of accessories are available for the FIR Series which...

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