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FLS1000 - 2

Temperature Dependence Quantum Yield Chromaticity FRET EEM Molecular Processes and Mechanisms Trace Analysis Fluorescence Based Assays Circularly-Polarised Luminescence Time-Resolved Anisotropy Spectral Anisotropy Titration TRES Total Organic Content Drug Discovery Laser Gain Media Photodynamic Therapy Display Industry Fluorescent Inks Energy Conversion and Storage Explosives Detection Singlet Oxygen Detection Authentication of Counterfeits DNA Sequencing Quantum Rods Nanotubes Lanthanides Laser Materials Nanospheres Natural Dyes Synthetic Dyes Semiconductor Band-Gap Quantum Dots...

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FLS1000 - 3

Faster Measurements Higher Resolution Increased Automation STEADY STATE AND TIME-RESOLVED PHOTOLUMINESCENCE Modular construction for maximum flexibility and upgradability Industry leading sensitivity specification >30,000:1 (SQRT Method) Unrivalled spectral coverage from the deep UV to the MIR, 185 nm up to 5,500 nm Unmatched monochromator performance with "plug and play" triple-grating turrets, integrated filter wheel, 325 mm focal length and excellent stray light rejection Multiple light sources, detectors, single or double monochromators available ® Intuitive Fluoracle software for all...

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FLS1000 - 4

PHOTON COUNTING - DETECTION AT THE QUANTUM LIMIT Single photon counting is compatible with both steady state and time-resolved data acquisitions. We employ photon counting for standard spectral and kinetic measurements and have proprietary electronics to accurately record the arrival time of each photon for fluorescence lifetime measurements down to a few picoseconds. Time Electron pulses from single photons. Only pulses with amplitude higher than a pre-set threshold (red) are being processed. STRAY LIGHT The FLS1000 exhibits high stray light suppression. This reduces the possibility of...

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FLS1000 - 5

SENSITIVITY - WHERE YOU NEED IT The FLS1000 provides the highest specification of sensitivity on the market. This is because of single photon counting detection, high quality optical pathways, the use of dedicated and optimised light sources and the hand-picked, most sensitive detectors on the market. Rather than employing alternative measurements or complicated calculation procedures, we use the straightforward SQRT method for sensitivity validation: Standard Water Raman Spectrum SNRSQRT > 30:000 : 1 Counts / /1044 Counts 10 SQRT (Signal at λbkgrd) Water Raman Spectrum at Longer...

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FLS1000 - 6

SPECTRAL RANGE Each grating is individually optimised for both spectral range and linear dispersion. Grating selection, wavelength tuning and slits are all controlled via the Fluoracle software. The FLS1000 is supplied with computer-controlled, kinematic triple grating turret monochromators, with up to three different gratings permanently fitted. This allows a large spectral range to be covered and provides maximum flexibility and ease of use. Computer-controlled mirrors allow rapid selection of light sources and detectors. Two detectors can be mounted on a single emission monochromator and...

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FLS1000 - 7

FLUORACLE® SOFTWARE INTERFACE - SPECTRAL MEASUREMENTS Measurement Modes • Live signal rate with overload indication • Excitation, emission, synchronous and anisotropy spectra, as individual scans or multiple measurements • Kinetic scans with source control functions • Excitation emission maps (EEMs) • Absolute quantum yield • Absorption by transmission or by reflectance • Temperature scans and maps • Batch measurements (spectral, lifetime and combined) • Service scans for spectrometer performance validation Quantum Yield Wizard Excitation/emission scans Emission Spectrum Emission Spectrum...

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FLS1000 - 8

OVERVIEW For the most complex FLS1000 systems our electronic modules can operate in parallel, ensuring that no changes of cables or other hardware components are required by the user. Our unique data acquisition module combines conventional single photon counting (for spectral acquisitions) with multi-channel scaling (MCS) and time-correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) with up to three light sources and three different detectors operating simultaneously. All setup and control functions of the data acquisition electronics are embedded into the spectrometer operating software, Fluoracle....

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FLS1000 - 9

FLS1000 Fluorescence and Phosphorescence Lifetime Spectrometer with EPL for TCSPC measurements and microsecond pulsed laser for MCS measurements. TCSPC - FLUORESCENCE LIFETIME MEASUREMENTS TCSPC is a digital technique for the acquisition of single photons with a time resolution below 5 ps. TCSPC Data The fact that the time at which a fluorescence photon is incident on the detector can be determined with picosecond accuracy is critical to the high time resolution in TCSPC. This accurate timing is achieved with special electronic components such as Constant Fraction Discriminators and...

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FLS1000 - 10

STANDARD FLUORESCENCE LIFETIME DATA ANALYSIS 4 Fluoracle provides standard fluorescence and phosphorescence decay analysis tools, including tail fitting and numerical reconvolution options. With numerical reconvolution, short lifetime components can be extracted from the raw data which would otherwise be distorted or masked by the instrumental profile. The standard analysis routine provided is based on the Marquardt-Levenberg algorithm. Up to four exponential decay components can be fitted, with shift and offset fitting as standard. The algorithm is robust, delivers results in a blink of an...

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FLS1000 - 11

Measurement Modes • Live signal rates with overload and pulse pile-up indication • Manual and multiple measurements of photoluminescence decays and instrumental response function • Time-resolved excitation and emission spectra • Time-resolved fluorescence anisotropy • Temperature-dependent lifetime measurements • Multiple sample position and well-plate measurements • Batch measurements Control Features • Wavelength and bandwidth selection for excitation and emission monochromators • Selection of gratings, sources and detectors • Control of multiple TCSPC and MCS sources • Programmable...

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