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EDINBURGH INSTRUMENTS FS5 Spectrofluorometer from Single Photons to a Multitude of Measurements

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An unprecedented, modern spectrofluorometer, developed and manufactured by Edinburgh Instruments in the UK Edinburgh Instruments' fully integrated, purpose built spectrofluorometer; the FS5. The instrument is designed and engineered to the highest standards of sensitivity, acquisition speed, ease of use and sampling flexibility. The FS5 provides everything users have come to expect from Edinburgh Instruments, setting new standards for a mid-price range fluorometer, from the company with over 40 years of experience in fluorescence spectroscopy. The FS5 is directly suited for global...

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Photochemistry Biochemistry Material Research Cell Biology Pharmaceutical Industry Analytical Chemistry Medicine Environmental Science Manufacturing Food Science and Agriculture

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FS5 FS5 – Exceptional Instrument Sensitivity The FS5 is designed to meet the highest measurement specifications in the research and analytical markets. To achieve optimal sensitivity, resolution, and acquisition speed, we engineered an air-sealed excitation path to enhance the excitation power in the UV, select only the optimal performance photomultipliers in temperature stabilised housings, utilise an optical design that includes plane, spherical, toroidal, ellipsoidal mirrors and optimised mirror coatings; the FS5 is truly unrivalled in its spectral performance and sensitivity. Not only...

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Thorough calibration procedures are used to guarantee correct data representation. Spectral calibration is used to ensure wavelength accuracy and repeatability and photometric calibration is used to ensure presentation of true spectra without distortion of instrumental throughput functions. Traceable standards from NIST and BAM are used for calibration throughout the full wavelength coverage to verify calibration, in photons per unit bandwidth, of recorded spectra. The FS5 delivers data you can trust and utilise for high impact results in the research and analytical markets. NIST standards...

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Measurement Examples Emission Scans - with temperature dependence Rhodamine B, unlike other Rhodamine derivatives, has a chemical structure that is not entirely rigid. The diethylamino groups are interacting with the solvent and their mobility is therefore coupled to the solvent temperature. This causes the fluorescence intensity to have a strong dependence on the sample temperature. The example shows this effect, measured with the TE cooled sample holder. Rhodamine B in water, OD525 = 0.1 Spectral bandwidth: 2.5 nm, dwell time: 0.1 s Temp Accuracy Band: 0.5ºC, Temp Stabilisation Time: 10...

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Measurements of absolute fluorescence quantum yield Fluorescence quantum yields can be measured by using the optional integrating sphere. The absolute method requires two measurements; the number of absorbed photons and the number of the emitted photons. The number of absorbed photons of a sample is determined by the reduction of the light scatter compared to a blank measurement. The quantum yield calculation is made using a wizard within the operating software. Quinine bisulphate in perchloric acid. The red curve shows the scan over the excitation scatter at 350 nm and the emission of the...

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Upgrade Options The upgrade options are modifications or additions to the main body of the FS5. All upgrades are best installed at the time of manufacture, but they can also be retro-fitted by a qualified service engineer during an on-site visit. All the standard features of the FS5 are retained when an upgrade option has been added. Many of the options can be combined. This offers outstanding flexibility for an instrument of this class. Measurement of the emission spectrum from an infrared laser dye with standard FS5 photomultiplier (blue) and with the FS5-NIR (brown) FS5 – NIR Extension...

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Measurement of Lifetimes in Microsecond to Second Range The instrument has all the features of the standard FS5, plus the capability of long lifetime (>5 ms) measurements for the time-resolved measurement of strong phosphors and rare earth emissions. The changeover between the standard continuous light source and the pulsed xenon flash lamp is software controlled and the acquisition mode automatically changes from standard photon counting to time-resolved photon counting. The software incorporates fitting and reconvolution analysis for lifetime evaluation. MCS measurements in the...

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FF Holder (Vertical) for Powders and Films FF Holder for Cuvettes, Powders and Films Measurement modules are available for practically all applications. These accessories can be purchased at any time and can be easily installed by the user. The installation takes no more than a few seconds for most of the modules. The software recognises which of the measurement modules is in use. This reduces complexity in the user interface and ensures ease of operation. Standard Cuvette Holder Cuvette Holder with Temp Sensor and Coolant Circulation Cuvette Holder, TE Cooled Cryostat Cassette

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Fibre Launch Optics Plate Reader Optics: All-reflective for a wavelength independent focus with high brightness (small focus) at the sample Source: Monochromators: Spectral Coverage - Excitation: Spectral Coverage - Emission: Filter Wheels: Bandpass - Excitation/Emission: Wavelength Accuracy - Excitation/Emission: Scan Speed - Excitation/Emission: Integration Time: Emission Detector: Reference Detector: Transmission Detector: Water Raman Signal: Signal-Noise Ratio of Water Raman Signal: Dimensions: Weight: 150 W CW Ozone-free Xenon arc lamp Czerny-Turner design with plane gratings for...

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For more information contact: Edinburgh Instruments Ltd 2 Bain Square Kirkton Campus Livingston EH54 7DQ United Kingdom +44 (0)1506 425 300 +1-800-323-6115 (US Office) sales@edinst.com ussales@edinst.com (US Office) www.edinst.com Registered Office: Lake House, Market Hill, Royston, Herts SG8 9JN. UK Reg No: 962331 England VAT No GB 271 7379 37

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