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Analytical Instrumentation Surf the New Wave in Portable Fiber Optic Spectrometry GREEN-Wave Miniature Fiber Optic Spectrometers for VIS-NIR & OEM The StellarNet GREEN-Wave Spectrometers are fiber optic coupled instruments with a wide selection of models for measurements in 350-1100nm wavelength range. Each instrument contains a USB2 interface with integrated memory buffer to provide instantaneous spectral image from the highly sensitive CCD detector with 2048 elements. Various models offer a choice of grating range and slit resolutions. A single strand fiber optic cable or probe assembly delivers input via standard SMA 905 fiber optic connector with a choice of cable lengths. The spectrograph optics are exceptionally robust in a vibration tolerant modular design, with no moving parts. The detachable spectrograph assembly and Surf the GREEN-Wave Spectrometers control electronics are protected inside a rugged metal enclosure, suitable for portable, process, and lab applications. Several units may be daisy-chained using a standard USB hub allowing simple configurations for dual and multi-beam applications in chemistry, SpectroRadiometry, solar, and CIELAB color measurement. The SpectraWiz software is included to accurately measure light emissions such as LED, Laser, plasma, solar, xenon, and others along with absolute intensities. Additional measurements include sample color reflectance, transmission, chemical absorption and concentration. Applications include SpectroRadiometry (NIST traceable intensities & LED xy chromaticty), SpectroColorimetry (CIELAB L* a* b*), SpectroChemistry reaction time-series analysis, UVabc monitors, Spectral-ID of elemental plasma emissions, and more. Dynamic range: Optical resolution: Detector type: Detector range: Pixel size: Diffraction Gratings: Grating g/mm: Spectrograph: Order sorting filters: Signal to noise: Digitizer: 2000:1 with 6 decades see model table - to 0.2nm CCD - 2048 pixels 350 -1100nm 14 x 200um Holographic & Ruled 300, 600,1200,1800, 2400 f/4, SymX-Czerny–Turner Integrated & High Pass 400:1 16-bit Dimensions: Weight:: Power consumption: Interface: Detector Integration: Slit size options: Stray light: Fiber optic input: Operating systems: Software included: Also free programs for: 14390 Carlson Circle, Tampa, Florida, 33626 USA Voice: +1-813-855-8687 Fax: +1-813-855-2279 1x3x5 inch = 25x75x125mm 14 ounces < 100 mA via USB port USB2 or USB2 Hub 1ms to 5 seconds - no TEC 14, 25, 50, 100, 200um <.1% at 435nm;<.05% at 600nm SMA905 0.22na single fiber Win9x, XP, Vista, Win7 SpectraWiz program & apps LabView,Excel+VBA,Delphi

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GREEN-Wave Miniature Fiber Optic Spectrometers for VIS-NIR & OEM bridges, tall building, or aircraft even wings). Additional measurement applications include emission wavelength monitoring /characterization of tunable lasers or LED's and other sources such as elemental emissions from plasma. Also Bragg grating technology enables optical sensing of several conditions such as temperature, pressure, and stress/strain (such as found in roadway Thin film thickness measurements also can be made using sample specular reflectance. The small size and weight makes the GREEN-Wave spectrometers perfect...

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