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EDINBURGH INSTRUMENTS Photonics Division LifeSpec II Spectrometer Fluorescence lifetimes with ultimate temporal resolution The LifeSpec II is a compact, fully integrated, high performance fluorescence lifetime spectrometer designed for use with high-repetition rate pulsed femtosecond and picosecond lasers. The system is a fully automated solution, combining hardware and software in a single package for fundamental research and routine laboratory applications. Its zero temporal dispersion optics set the standards for technical performance in measuring ultra-fast decays. The LifeSpec II utilises the technique of Time Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC) for accurate measurements of fluorescence lifetimes. The LifeSpec II features a subtractive double monochromator, giving the spectrometer zero temporal dispersion and allowing the instrument to measure fluorescence lifetimes down to 5 ps - 10 ps. Advanced software controls all the hardware and also analyses the raw data. With reconvolution, the software can reliably measure fluorescence lifetimes down to a tenth of the instrument response function. Data acquisition modes range from fluorescence lifetime decay acquisitions and time-resolved spectra to automated time-resolved anisotropy measurements and automated temperature maps. The LifeSpec II in the standard configuration is supplied with one detector. Additional detectors can be added. The LifeSpec II requires at least one picosecond pulsed diode laser, pulsed LED, supercontinuum laser or Ti:Sapphire laser (with suitable pulse picker) for operation.

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Sample chamber The LifeSpec II has a large sample chamber that enables a variety of sample holder options to be fitted easily. These include single cuvette holders, multiple sample holders, front face film/bulk/powder holders, fibre attachments, thermostated sample holders and cryostats. Subtractive double monochromator Zero temporal dispersion in the optical path is a necessity for precise measurements in the lower picosecond time scale. Conventional monochromators introduce temporal shifts and pulse broadening originating from propagation delays caused by the dimensions of the grating....

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Principal Layout The complete LifeSpec II spectrometer comprises of the optical spectrometer, a power supply module and a data acquisition electronics module, the TCC2 which is USB interfaced. In the standard configuration, the LifeSpec II is fitted with one selected light source and one detector. The system can be upgraded with additional sources, detectors, polarisers, sample cooling stages, and fibre optics. Note that some of these upgrades need to be factory fitted. The LifeSpec II main unit is height adjustable, so that the optical plane can be set to between 130 mm to 180 mm from the...

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* The TE cooled version of the NIR-PMT cannot directly measure an Instrument Response Function below 950 nm. The shortest recoverable lifetime (lifetime resolution) is approximately 1/10th of the Instrument Response Function after numerical reconvolution. Technical Specifications Optical Configuration 90° between excitation and emission beam path Mode of Operation Time Correlated Single Photon Counting Lifetime Range 5 ps - 50 |js (depending on source and detector choice) Mechanical Spectral Range 200 nm - 900 nm (standard) 800 nm - 2000 nm (optional for infrared photomultipliers) Spectral...

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