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PL Series - 1

The PL Series Infrared lasers Photonics Division The PL series of continuous wave (CW), grating tuned, infrared gas lasers sets the standard for high power, stable sources for a wide variety of applications from molecular spectroscopy, non-linear optics, interferometry, process control, atmospheric studies, plasma density measurements and much, much more. The infrared has long been dubbed the “Cinderella” spectral region due to the low level of blackbody emission at long wavelengths but this was changed with the development of carbon dioxide (CO2) and carbon monoxide (CO) lasers in the 1970’s. Our PL3 model is unprecedented in today’s market. It operates as either a CO2 (output power up to 25W) or CO (with output >1W over the range 5.1 – 6.0 μm) laser. Using different isotopic gas fills the PL3 laser can give up to 1,000 lines across the infrared. In the same way that every individual can be identified by their unique fingerprint, the infrared spectrum of a sample uniquely defines the constituent molecules present. The higher power PL-series lasers can be used to optically pump polar gases (for example methanol, formic acid, etc) to create Far Infrared (FIR) laser emission. The FIR/TeraHertz region (40μm – 1.2mm, 7.5 to 0.25THz) can be used for temperature measurement of fusion reactor plasma. There are also many applications in homeland security and scanning, scattering density measurements, radar modelling, etc. The PL-series of lasers include grating tuned CO2 lasers with a step tunable wavelength from 9μm – 11μm with single line powers from a few Watts (Model PL2), to 50W (Model PL5) and even to 180W (Model PL6) each characterised by excellent amplitude and frequency stability for the most technically challenging tasks. The PL2 laser lends itself to flexible tailoring to scientific applications. For example, if used with our 184T pump station, the laser head can be filled with the desired isotopic gas mix which gives the user access a range of alternati

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PL Series - 2

PL2-M / PL2-S The PL2-M is a new, compact version of the previous model PL2. It has been significantly reduced in size without sacrificing any of the performance specifications. The PL2-M has a maximum rated power of 10W and the PL2-S has a maximum rated power of 1W on the strongest lines and more than 60 lines are available. The laser is operated in sealed off mode with initial gas lifetime guarantee of 12 months. A vacuum valve is fitted to allow user replenishment, with standard or isotopic gas mixtures for ultimate flexibility and ease of operation at lowest cost. Operation is via a...

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PL Series - 3

PL5 The PL5 is a flowing gas CO2 laser producing single line powers in excess of 50W and operating on more than 80 individual lines. The cavity optics consist of two ZnSe Brewster windows, a gold coated diffraction grating and a ZnSe output coupler. The laser head is supplied with all necessary vacuum couplings, valves and a capsule gauge to enable flow operation. A suitable vacuum pump, the model 215, is available to complete the system Q-Switched operation of the PL5 can be achieved with the PL5-QS option. This is a six sided polygon scanning mirror assembly which mounts in the...

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PL Series - 4

For more information contact us at or visit T: +44(0) 1506 425 300 F: +44(0) 1506 425 320 Edinburgh Instruments 2 Bain Square, Kirkton Campus, Livingston, EH54 7DQ United Kingdom Email Website All specifications are correct at the time of production. We reserve the right to change our specifications without notice. © Edinburgh Instruments Ltd. 2011. EDINBURGH INSTRUMENTS Photonics Division

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