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EDINBURGH INSTRUMENTS Features • TSCPC time range: 2.5 ns - 50 ms • MCS time range: 5 ms - 200 s • Time resolution from 305 fs/ch • Rep rates up to 100 MHz • Forward and reverse modes • Up to 3 detector channels Applications • Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TCSPC) • Phosphorescence Lifetime (MCS) • Forster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) • Optical Tomography • Time of Flight / LIDAR The TCC2 is a unique electronics module for the measurement of kinetics via Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC) and Multi-Channel Scaling (MCS), and allows three sources and three detectors to be permanently connected. In TCSPC mode, kinetics from a few picoseconds can be measured using a high repetition rate source. TCSPC modules are generally available in two forms: with an Analogue-to-Digital Convertor which can have high temporal resolution, but may suffer from lower acquisition speed; or, with a Time-to-Digital Convertor (TDC) which has higher acuisition speed but at the expense of a reduced temporal resolution. The Edinburgh Instruments TCC2 works with an ultra-fast flash Analogue-to-Digital convertor and proprietary dead-time management. This demonstrates unrivalled temporal performance with acquisition frequencies up to 100 MHz. The module also incorporates novel electronics that eliminate the need for cable swapping or external delay selection. In MCS mode, kinetics from ~10 ns up to seconds can be measured with frequencies up to 1 MHz. The built-in TCSPC and MCS operations complement each other to allow the fast, simple measurement of kinetics over twelve orders of magnitude. The TCC2 is supplied with full data acquisition and lifetime analysis software. Time-Resolved Emission Spectroscopy (TRES) TRES is a powerful tool in fluorescence lifetime studies. This measurement example shows complex fluorescence decay kinetics for a single fluorophore; Norharman, dissolved in a protic solvent. The TCC2 data acquisition electronics work seamlessly with all of the comprehensive fluorescence data analysis software packages available from Edinburgh Instruments. Sample: Norharman in methanol (5x10-5M) Excitation Source: 280 nm pulsed LED (EPLED-280) Results: The resulting TRES map details the three different exponential lifetimes with overlapping emission bands of Norharman, highlighting the three different forms present; neutral = 2.3 ns, zwitterion = 5.1 ns, and cation = 18.0 ns

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Start & Stop Inputs Type Input Pulse Height Threshold Constant Fraction Constant Fraction Delay Frequency Divider Input Connectors Jitter Data Acquisition Modes of Operation Shifting Delay Dead Time Number of Detector Channels Number of Synchronisation Channels Number of Reference Channels Number of Trigger Channels TCSPC Operation Time Range Number of Channels Minimum Time per Channel Max Repetition Rate MCS Operation Time Range Number of Channels Minimum Time per Channel Max Repetition Rate Trigger Input Constant Fraction Delay 0 to - 3000 mV 0 to - 500 mV 0.3, fixed Plug-in Delay 1, 2,...

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