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Quality in Sterilization Supplies ETHYLENE OXIDE (EO) GAS MONITOR AND DETECTOR WITH LUMINOUS AND AUDIBLE ALARM FOR CENTRAL STERILE SERVICES DEPARTMENT (CSSD) MODEL DE-06 INCORPORATING DATA LOGGER SYSTEM Real time Ethylene Oxide Detector is the ultimate solution for continuous monitoring of CSSD with EO gas sterilization facilities. The continuous measurement sensor allows obtaining real-time reading, thus incorporating a data recording system (data logger) and generating external reports that provides the users permanent monitoring of the area. The frame of the device is illuminated in reference colors to inform the user the real-time measured values and shows a green color, if the contaminant level is below the set alarm threshold, or a red color, if the alarm threshold is reached or exceeded. Main Features: Easy to install, it can be located in any sector of the plant as a monitor of areas where the equipment is installed.Data logger system that allows continuous control of EO concentration in the area where it is installed.It allows exporting data, events and records through associated software. Data extraction by USB port. Generate charts and external reports. It has a bright viewfinder that indicates the concentration of ETO expressed in PPM and has a measuring range of 0-99 PPM. User adjustable alarm threshold. Visual and audible alarm greater than 50 DB announcing that this value has been reached. It works at low voltage (5V) via USB port being easy to connect to the power supply through a switching source (included). Useful monitoring area of up to 20 M2. The monitor sensor has a lifespan of up to 5 years, and can be replaced by another sensor. Complies with IRAM / IEC electrical safety standards . EFELAB SRL - Costa Rica 449/1043 – (1714) Ituzaingo- Buenos Aires - Argentina Tel (++54) 11 -4623 – 3030 - Fax (++54) 11 – 4624-2400 E-mail: - website: www.efe

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DE06 - INFORMATION PROVIDED BY THE DATA LOGGER SYSTEM (DATA RECORD). The device comes along with PC connection software , which allows to download the data collected by the detector and to generate a graph with remarcable events. It registers more than 7000 single events in an internal memory card. The device can save relevant data such as: disconnections and reconnections, alarm threshold setting changes, periodical ca librations and gas detections generating a differentiated flag for each type of event. It incorporates an internal battery that allows to keep the information even when the...

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