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Quality in Sterilization Supplies Bowie-Dick Test Pack (TP01) Bowie-Dick test packs are specifically designed for daily monitoring of vacuum-pump-assisted steam sterilizers and pre-vacuum cycles. It detects leaks, inadequate steam penetration, air bubbles and malfunction or failure in the vacuum-pump. Main features of EFELAB Bowie-Dick test packs: Meets the highest international quality standards: designed and manufactured in accordance with UNE EN 867 Part 4 and ISO 11140-1, Type 2 norms. External sterilization indicator that shows if the test-pack has been processed. High-performance chemical indicator test-sheet that changes uniformly to black after being exposed to proper cycle parameters. A permanent color change of the indicator ink allows keeping the test as a record. External wrapping made of cardboard for optimum product conservation. Easy-opening of the package by pre-cut band. Package dimensions: 125mm x 125mm x 25mm containing 210 sheets. Its technical features provide a maximum level of challenge to the cycle. Product validity: 60 months from the date of manufacture. Interpretation of results: Under proper conditions of the cycle, the printed test-sheet shall change its color homogeneously. Little color change or null color change towards the center of the sheet indicates the presence of leaks, air and / or insufficient vacuum in the sterilizing equipment EFELAB SRL - Costa Rica 449/1043 – (1714) Ituzaingo- Buenos Aires - Argentina Tel (++54) 11 -4623 – 3030 - Fax (++54) 11 – 4624-2400 E-mail: - website: www.efelab.

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