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Quality in Sterilization Supplies Bowie-Dick Test Pack (TP02) Bowie-Dick Test Packas are designed for daily monitoring steam autoclave cycles -with vacuum pump and pre-vacuum- in order to detect air leaks, inadequate steam penetration, air bubbles and / or vacuum pump failures. without the need of assembling a normed package according AAMI / ANSI standards. The product is ready to use. Perform the test in the first daily cycle, before processing the materials. Main Features of EFELAB Bowie-Dick Test Packs High performance and meet rigorous international quality standards. Designed and manufactured according to standards UNE EN 867 part 4 and ISO 11140-1, type 2. Made with outer-wrap of medical grade crepe paper. External indicator that allows to verify when the package is processed. The color change of the indicator is permanent, so It can be saved as a record of the sterilization cycle. Dimensions of the test sheet 108 mm x 119 mm. Product validity: 60 months from the date of manufacture. Result interpretation: The printed test sheet inside the package changes color evenly if subjected to the proper conditions of the cycle, If you notice little color change or null color change towards the center of the sheet, it shall indicated insufficient vacuum level in the equipment or the presence of leaks and / or air inside the sterilizer. EFELAB SRL - Costa Rica 449/1043 – (1714) Ituzaingo- Buenos Aires - Argentina Tel (++54) 11 -4623 – 3030 - Fax (++54) 11 – 4624-2400 E-mail: - website: www.efelab.

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