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Color Management Monitors

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Precision beyond color. True to Creat ivity Express your thoughts and inspirations exactly as you envision – ColorEdge helps to make that a reality. Each detail and nuance is realized in the final work, providing you an even greater satisfaction with your creations. Accurate color, consistent image quality, and ease of use are why EIZO’s ColorEdge lineup gives creatives around the world the ability to express their true vision. Let your imagination soar and your creativity blossom. Your passion will guide you and ColorEdge will ensure that you can express your ideas precisely as you have...

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ColorEdge Quality ColorEdge meets user needs with a wide range of monitors packed with features for creators of all levels. Designers and printers can rest assured that ColorEdge will ensure a smooth and consistent workflow through to the back-end. Video creators can take advantage of the features that many ColorEdge models include specifically for video creation. Those who Creative Vision ColorEdge. All of these features and more are included to ensure that ColorEdge is optimal want to enjoy working with digital photography can easily carry out color matching using for users’ creative...

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Post Production Get the best in both color and convenience for the optimal creative workflow.

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Create, edit, and enjoy photography, illustration, and more.

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Common Features Vivid Colors Reproduced to Industry Standards Color Space Comparison The wide color gamut of ColorEdge monitors reproduces almost the entire Adobe® RGB color space so images shot in Adobe® RGB will be displayed correctly. Photos of vibrant blue skies and lush green forests are reproduced faithfully in a way that monitors limited to an sRGB color space cannot display. The wide color gamut also ensures reproduction of almost the entire ISO-coated and US web-coated CMYK color spaces used in printing. Adobe® RGB Color Space (representation) sRGB Color Space (representation)...

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ColorEdge CG247 CX241 - 7

Common Features Uniformity from Corner to Corner Fluctuations in brightness and chromaticity on different parts of the screen are a common trait of LCD monitors. To counteract this, ColorEdge monitors use EIZO's patented digital uniformity equalizer (DUE) technology to ensure stable image display and counterbalance the influences that a fluctuating temperature may have on color temperature and brightness. Minimized Reflections with Non-Glare Panel ColorEdge monitors are equipped with an IPS non-glare panel for high visibility. They are also equipped with dimming technology that minimizes...

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CG Series Features World's First Color Accuracy (Quick Stability Grade) Certification Built-In Sensors to Automate Your Workflow The ColorEdge CG318-4K, CG248-4K, CG277, CG247, and CG2420 are the first monitors in the world to obtain TÜV Rheinland’s Color Accuracy (Quick Stability grade) certification. TÜV Rheinland Color Accuracy is the first quality and performance criterion to measure the color accuracy of display devices for multiple graphics fields such as photography, post production, design, and printing. Automate your calibration with the sensor that is housed within the front bezel...

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CG Series Features 3D LUT for Accurate Color Display A 3D LUT is included in the CG Series which adjusts colors individually on an RGB cubic table. With the bundled ColorNavigator 6 software's emulation function, the 3D LUT applies a film look to the image so creators can check how it will be seen by their audience. The 3D LUT also improves the monitor's additive color mixture (combination of RGB), which is a key factor in its ability to display G neutral gray tones. ColorEdge 4K monitors include a Gamut Warning preset. When selected, the areas of a Rec. 2020 image that cannot be reproduced...

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CS Series - For Aspiring Creatives Global Collaborations Sleek, User-Friendly Design Slimmer Bezels Seamless Electrostatic Switches The slim cabinet features unobtrusive frames that are 39% slimmer than its predecessor’s so you can focus more on the screen. The flat design uses electrostatic switches on the front bezel in place of traditional buttons for seamless access to the monitor settings. The ColorEdge Ambassador Program showcases professional photographers, designers, filmmakers, and other creatives who are committed to inspiring and educating artists around the world of all levels....

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EIZO — The Visual Technology Company Comprehensive Solutions Innovative Technology Medical Grayscale Accuracy EIZO integrates hardware and software technologies with consulting, web hosting, and other services for customers in a wide range of fields. Integrated Approach EIZO carefully measures and sets each and every grayscale tone at the factory to create medical monitors compliant with DICOM Part 14 standards. This ensures medical professionals are viewing the most consistent shading possible on their screen for the most accurate diagnosis. Calibration is also simplified with EIZO's...

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DisplayPort, HDMI: 1.07 billion (a palette of 278 trillion) Viewing Angles (H / V, typical) Brightness (typical) Recommended Brightness for Calibration Contrast Ratio (typical) Response Time (typical) Wide Gamut Coverage (typical) Input Terminals 178°, 178° 350 cd/m2 120 cd/m2 or less 1500:1 9 ms (gray-to-gray) Adobe RGB: 99%, DCI-P3: 98% DisplayPort × 2 (with HDCP Ver.1.x), HDMI × 2 (with HDCP Ver.1.x, Deep Color) DisplayPort: 24.5 - 137.5 kHz, 22.5 - 71.5 Hz HDMI: 14.5 - 135.5 kHz, 22.5 - 71.5 Hz – 1 port for monitor control 3-port USB hub (including 1 USB battery charge port) USB 3.0 AC...

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Accessories Shading Hoods Calibration Device Supported Models: CG248-4K, CG2420, CS2420 CH2400 is bundled with the CG248-4K and CG2420. Wipe away dust and fi ngerprints with this screen cleaner kit. Includes pump spray and cloth. Bundled with the CG series. Supported Models: CG247, CS240 CH7 is bundled with the CG247. Supported Model: CS230 Supported Models: CG277, CX271, CS270 CH5 is bundled with the CG277. Network Color Management Software Contact the EIZO group company or sales distributor in your country for information about the availability of ColorNavigator Network. Adjust CX and CS...

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