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Medical Monitor Solutions RadiForce* 2018-2019

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Do you see all information accurately? A wide variety of medical images are used across different modalities. Monochrome images such as CR, CT, and MRI and color images such as endoscopy, PET, and 3D-CT must be displayed with the correct gradations. It is important to use a monitor that can accurately display medical images according to the requirements of each modality. EIZO's RadiForce medical monitors are equipped with technologies for adjusting and maintaining the correct brightness and grayscales to best suit your viewing environment. ► ► See pages 7-8 for details. Are they appropriate...

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Carving out the smallest details is essential in medical practice. Only people who can obtain a clear picture, and only those who can separate what is important from what is not, get clear results in medicine. Exceptional image quality, a perfectly coordinated network, support software, and excellent customer service are some of the reasons why EIZO RadiForce medical solutions are found in leading hospitals around the world. Because just like healthcare professionals, we always have one goal in mind: Clinical Review Monitors Breast Imaging Monitors Diagnostic Monitors Monitor Quality...

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Medical Monitor Solutions RadiForce specially designed 1 to 8 megapixel monochrome and color monitors take full account of medical institutions' need for different types of monitors with DICOM® Part 14 standard calibration and high-performance capabilities required for precise diagnoses. View at the Appropriate Resolution Make the Precise Diagnosis Manage Effortless Quality Control Each modality varies in its display of medical images with regards to size and information volume. RadiForce monitors come in a range of resolutions for displaying images appropriate for each modality. EIZO...

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Uniformity Across the Screen Select the Ideal Mode for Modalities Variations for Specific User Needs Display Both Monochrome and Color The Digital Uniformity Equalizer (DUE) function helps to even out fluctuations in brightness and chroma on different parts of the screen to provide smoother images, a quality typically difficult to attain due to the characteristics of LCD monitors. The CAL Switch function allows you to choose various modes for different modalities such as CR, CT, and endoscopy. It can be conveniently accessed using the monitor's front panel buttons to easily switch to...

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Conserve Energy While Away Stay Confident with Stable Brightness Improve Operability Compatibility Testing for Effortless Installation The presence sensor equipped with some models prompts the monitor to switch to power save mode when it detects you are away, and then resumes normal operation when you return. This ensures that the monitor conserves power when it is not in use, uniting convenience with savings. EIZO's confidence in its product quality extends to brightness stability which is also covered during the usage time specified in the warranty. EIZO's highly versatile stand offers...

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RadiForce Multi-Series With advances in medical imaging technology over the years, hospitals are now handling a wider variety and larger volume of image data. The multi-modality approach of RadiForce super high-resolution diagnostic monitors allows a variety of images to be displayed on a single screen — an essential step forward for medicine. Evolve Your Image Reading As more image modalities become digitalized, radiologists are viewing an increasing amount of information on their screens. EIZO's unique Work-and-Flow technology alleviates the complexity of the imaging workflow with new...

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RadiForce Mammo-Series Breast Imaging Monitors It is vital in the process of early breast cancer detection that monitors display accurate and consistent quality images. EIZO provides optimum diagnosis confidence with distinctive versions of the RadiForce Mammo-Series monitors for displaying breast screening images. MammoDuo integrates two 5 megapixel monitors side by side on a specifically designed stand. With the world's narrowest bezel of 7.5 mm on a 5 megapixel monitor, two monitors side by side have a combined bezel width of only 15 mm. Furthermore the bezel is only 2.5 mm thick to help...

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RadiForce G&R-Series Diagnostic Monitors High-resolution 3 megapixel monitors are capable of fully displaying chest X-ray images. 2 megapixel monitors are ideal for a wide variety of tasks from viewing CR, DR, MRI, and CT images to use as a PACS / HIS / RIS terminal. EIZO Graceful White RadiForce design represents cleanliness, reliability, and peace of mind – the perfect monitors for reading rooms. Achieve Clarity True to the Source Data Create a Free-Flowing Work Environment Hassle-Free Multi-Monitor Configuration Discern Subtleties in Grayscale Tones A medical...

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RadiForce MX-Series Clinical Review Monitors Superior cost performance clinical review monitors are ideal for viewing patient charts with MRI and CT medical images in DICOM Part 14 standard. In addition, they are available in widescreen and square formats in various resolutions to meet the diverse needs of hospitals and clinics. 54 cm (21.3") Color LCD Monitor 58 cm (23.0") Multitouch Color LCD Monitor Stay Cost Efficient Improved Workflow with High Resolution Rotate the Monitor According to the Image Smooth and Detailed Handwriting For environments using clinical record applications for...

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Monitor Quality Control Solutions RadiCS Client With filmless imaging spreading in medicine, maintaining the quality of monitors for medical imaging is becoming increasingly important. With the know-how and experience as a specialist in visual display solutions, EIZO offers monitor quality control solutions for diagnostic precision and comprehensive management to contribute to the improvement of the quality of medical care. Maintain Quality Control of Individual Monitors Ensuring that the quality control of each client monitor complies with important medical standards, from calibration...

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