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LEAD LINED SHEETROCK EL DORADO lead back gypsum wallboard is furnished as 1/2" or 5/8" type X fire code gypsum board meeting classification ASTM C 36, with pure lead sheet meeting federal specification QQ-L-201-F, Grade C, factory laminated to the back side of the gypsum panel. The lead extends 1" beyond one vertical edge of the gypsum board to allow for overlapping of joints eliminating the need for separate lead joint strips. 2" strips in lieu of the 49" lead width are available. Shielding accessories for installation include sheet lead for backing and shielding of cut-outs for electrical, plumbing, medical gas, or other penetrations as well as corners with lead discs for screw penetrations. Lead El Dorado Metals of Arkansas PO Box 571 • 122 Pellizzari Place • El Dorado, AR 717301 phone (870) 863-5757 • fax (870) 863-42301 www.eldomet.com • info@eldomet.com

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