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Vascular doppler system ● Peripheral ● Extracranial ● Transcranial

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The Doppler with the certain something(s) Modern technology, flexible and smooth in use, easy to handle... That`s how users in hospitals and doctor`s offices want their ultrasound-doppler-system for routine vascular diagnosis to be. The current answer to these requirements is the vasodop 320. It helps with detecting arterial and venous haemodynamic disturbances, with locating insufficient venous valves and with finding out the degree of severity of low blood circulation. Main System Windows software Examination database Remote control vasocontrol Equipment cart vasocart Bidirectional...

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Software Equipment and User Interface • Clearly arranged examination results. • Easy and fast reporting by using text • Display the actual examination in real- • The settings of the predefined exami- nation programs can easily be changed. This way the examination program completes worksteps in an order that • On the vasodop printing protocol you will find all details about examiner, hospital / doctor's office, examination notes and examination comments. • All examination results can be stored [with optional interface BDT / GDT / • Additionally it is possible to save the examination results...

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vasodop® 320 System: technical data vasodop® 320 System Power consumption Operation System Microsoft Windows® Mini PC-System Sound system 128 Bit Stereo vasodop® 320 technical data 2 MHz-PW ultrasound-probe 4 MHz-CW ultrasound-probe (active) 8 MHz-CW ultrasound-probe (active) Sensitivity range Sensitivity range medical systems Bgm.-Finsterwalder-Ring 27 82515 Wolfratshausen Germany ISO 13485:2012 Phone +49 08171 4214-00 Fax +49 08171 4214-49 E-Mail Homepage Are you interested in the vasodop 320? Then call us! We would be pleased to tell you more about your...

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