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handydop-pro the allround-talent for your bidirectional Doppler sonography Storage feature for examinations Examination-Programs Voice-Message-System

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Doppler principle Bidirectional Doppler devices are capable of identifying the bloodflow-direction in relation to the ultrasonic-probe. There is an acoustic separation between those two flowdirections (towards and away from the probe) by using two different speakers. The Doppler signal is displayed either bidirectional or as sum curve on the display or on printout. In general the orthograde flow is shown above the neutral axis and the retrograde flow is shown beneath the neutral axis. For finding out the Doppler frequency shift a so-called Zero-Crosser is used. the allround-talent All...

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Findings, notes, instructions can easily be recorded. graphic-display ■. _ (with backlight) Doppler signal and menu-functions are displayed sharp and clear . • • keyboard The userfriendly and clear - structured keys ensure fast and efficient work with the handydop-pro. headphone-connection Using headphones the two different blood-flow directions can be heard. USB-interface The USB-interface is used for connecting the handydop-pro to PC-systems or a printer ' • • connection for battery charger For charging the handydop-pro you can either use the convenient desktop charger or alternatively...

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Choosing the examination-program Doppler examinations are carried out by using an examination-program. Examination-programs set the order of vessels that have to be examined. You can change those programs to your individual needs by using our vasoview-software. You can define as many examination-programs as you wish. Carrying out the measurement By using the Start / Stop-keys you carry out the measurement on a vessel. The speed of bloodflow is displayed on the LCD. During the measurement you can change Doppler-scale, time-basis, flow-direction-display or frequency of the wall-filter. When...

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Workflow - handydop-pro - vasoview Connecting handydop-pro and vasoview handydop-pro can be connected to your PCsystem by using a USB-cable. vasoview-software automatically detects the connected handydop-pro. Right then vasoview is ready to be used. Connecting the handydop-pro with a PC via USB-interface Transferring data Examinations are transfered to a PC or notebook Analysing and working on data Sitting in front of your desktop you can analyse and work on examination-results. You can analyse, save and print all results you need. The voice-messages can be heard, this way you may remember...

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® vasoview General information With the vasoview-software you can connect the handydop-pro to a PC-system to transfer, analyse and print out examinations. vasoview provides a high-capacity examination-data base where all relevant data can be stored. With vasoview, examination-programs can be generated and transfered to the handydop-pro. This way examination-programs can always be adjusted to your individual needs. BDT- / GDT- and DICOM interfaces realize the software connection to your clinic's IT. Transfering patient data and saving examination-results enhance the range of va-soview...

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dektop charger (option) 4 MHz-Module with ultrasonic-probe ® handydop -pro basic device with 4 MHz-probe

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medical Bgm.-Finsterwalder-Ring 27 82515 Wolfratshausen Germany ISO 13485:2012 Homepage www.elcat.de

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