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Single channel Photoplethysmograph Automatic Calibration Automatic Analysis Simple Operation innovative medical products

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In 1981, LRR [light reflection rheography) was develo- ped in Germany as a method to diagnose venous insuf- ficiency. With appropriate wavelengths and well desig- ned radiation geometries, changing amounts of blood in the superficial veins can be recorded. Changing reflectivity of the skin within the measure- ment area is evaluated. As a result of the patient's calf muscle contraction, venous bloodflow is increased and the peripheral venous pressure decreases. After the phase of movement a leg refilling phase starts, feaused by the arterial blood inflow. The D-PPG method is a consistent and...

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You can use the versatile D-PPG device for Measurement of venous function, quantifying venous pump power of the calf muscle Differentiation between healthy and pathologic venous states Determination of degree of venous insufficiency Rapid diagnosis of venous function in high risk Ability to follow progression of venous pathology Evaluation of leg pain with uncertain origin. Assessment of need for surgical or medical • D-PPG device • Thermal printer • Battery charger • Connection cable [to printer] 6 rolls of thermal paper vasoview® (option) The vasoview® software [Windows] connects the...

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VQ1000 D-PPG technical data (technical specications are subject to change without notice) Device Sensor Charger Dimensions Line voltage Power dissipation Charge voltage Rechargeable Battery; charging Low-noise signal preamplier electronic prevents overcharging and deep discharge. Tourniquet cuff 45, 60 and 90 cm, adjustable by Velcro fastener vasoview® (optional) technical data Components System requirements Software one free serial port (COM1 to COM4) or USB Port with adapter Connection cable VQ1000 / Workstation minimum 5 MB free disk space Database Interface Installation and operation...

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