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unidirectional doppler sonography handydop® INT innovative medical products

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handydop® handydop® works on the doppler principle In every probe a transmission crystal is inserted, which continuously sends out ultrasound. If this sound ray hits moving structures, the frequency of the reflected ray will be changed - as demanded by the doppler principle. The frequency modulated signal is captured by the receiver crystal of the probe and passed on to the signal processing unit which finds out the doppler frequency shift. This alteration is the difference between transmitted and received signal and reacts in proportion to the reflectors moving speed. That is why handydop...

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handydop® It was conceived according to ergonomic standards ... Its operating elements are arranged in a way that offers you the possibility to use it with left hand as well as with right hand. Professional industrial design influenced the development, that‘s why the shape is this handy - working with a doppler becomes non-tiring and comfortable. ... captivates with a functional probe exchange ... Where probe plugs were fastened with complicated screwing mechanisms so far, there is only a little button left. Press it softly and you can pull out the probe without any effort. Now the new...

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● Post-stenotic blood pressure measurement for evaluation of peripheral arterial occlusion ● Localisation of stenosis and occlusions Discover the versatility ® of your handydop ● Detection of venous insufficiency and venous thrombosis ● Comfortable blood pressure measurement for shock patients and children ● Differentiation between testicle torsion and epididymitis ● Detection of fetal heart activity

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handydop® Post-stenotic blood pressure measurement with the 8MHz-probe The post-stenotic blood pressure measurement is especially suitable for detecting and evaluating peripheral arterial occlusion. For that, you have to locate the A. tibialis posterior, which is easy to find, or the A. dorsalis pedis with the doppler probe. The sphygmomanometer cuff, which must be seated right above the ankle, has to be pumped up to an oversystolic level. While letting off the cuff pressure, you can read the „post-stenotic pressure“ at the time of the first hearable doppler sound. This reading has to be...

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handydop® Depending on the configuration, you get all the components of your handydop® orderly packed in a rigid suitcase: ● handydop® basic device ● 8 MHz probe ● 4 MHz probe ● 2 MHz probe ● battery charger ● aquasonic gel ... for being always completely equipped, even at home visits!

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4 MHz ultrasoundprobe handydop® device with 8 MHz ultrasoundprobe

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handydop® technical data hand device (technical data is subject to change without notice) Battery charger Basic equipment Power supply Line voltage - integrated speakers - electronical energysaving shutdown - charge control - connector for headphones - connector for battery charger 2 NiMH batteries, 9V Operating time at full charge min. 2 hours in permanent use. Charging time for completely empty batteries max. 3 hours. Output voltage 12 V Output power 300 mA Transmitting power Transmitting power Transmitting power 37 x 55 mm (diameter x length) 11 x 95 mm (diameter x length) 10 x 95 mm...

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