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Vascular Diagnosis Center ● Arterial function diagnosis ● Venous function diagnosis ● Doppler

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● modular concept ● easy to use ● ergonomic design The vasolab® 320 is a modular designed system for the non-invasive vascular diagnosis. Measurement results of 2 extremities can be taken at the same time. Examination processes, analysis of measurement results and evaluations of examinations are efficiently supported by examination programs which can be adjusted freely to examiners needs. Main System Windows software Workstation type iMac 21,5 Examination database Equipment cart / vasocart® 320 Arterial function diagnosis Acral Pulse Oscillography (O-PO) Acral Pressure Measurement (O-AP)...

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Sound system • clear signals Control panel □oppler system • * • FFT / envelope curve display • Vasocontrol remote control Cuff holder System unit • Sensor management Probe holder

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User interface • The structured screen design is characterized by high operating comfort and a short learning curve. • User friendly operation with control bars, structured menus and interactive con- • System operation by keyboard, mouse or by remote-control Applications interface • In the application interface the selected application will be started by using the default examination program. • For monitoring purposes you can load previous examinations from the patient Entering patients data • Selection of patients data from the patient database, using chipcards or add patient data...

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Result - work area • Clearly arranged examination results • Easy and fast reporting by using text templates • Automatic markers can be corrected manually. • Using stored examination results makes patient monitoring possible. • On the printer protocol you will find all details about examiner, hospital, doctor's office, examination notes and comments. • All Examination results can be stored in a database and can be transferred [with optional interface GDT7 DICOM / HL7) to an existing IT-System. • Additionally it is possible to save the examination results as PDF file. Analysing software • The...

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Arterial function diagnosis Acral Pulse Oscillography [O-PO] An automatic calibration ensures adaption to different skin structures and skin pigmentations. Optical sensors measure the acral pulsation. Different sensor types can be selected: • transmission sensors • reflexion sensors [standard] • microcirculation sensors Acral Pressure Measurement CO-AP] Acral pressure measurement is carried out with congestion cuffs. Optical sensors are used to record pulsation [acral pulse oscillography]. The pneumatic system ensures a correct inflation of the cuffs and also controls the deflation. The...

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Venous function diagnosis Digital Photoplethysmography (D-PPG / LRR) Automatic calibration ensures adaption to different skin structures and skin pigmentations Automatic detection of the venous refill time and venous blood absorption Automatic Tourniquet-Test Vein Occlusion Test (SG-VOP), (O-VOP) During the vein occlusion test the congestion maneuver as well as draining dynamic is measured with classic strain gauge sensors or optical sensors. Automatic detection of the venous refill time, the venous blood absorption and the venous outflow vasodop - the integrated Doppler system Doppler...

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vasolab® 320 System: technical data vasolab 320 System Power / Consumption Operating system Microsoft Windows Sound system 128 Bit Stereo vasolab® 320 Sensors and additional equipment technical data Optical sensor for arterial function diagnosis O-AP / O-PO Sensor Digital Photoplethysmography D-PPG / LRR Sensor D-PPG Pressure transducer Butterfly needle, Heidelberger extension, PDM-holder Vein Occlusion Plethysmography SG-VOP Sensor Are you interested in the vasolab® 320? Then call us! We would be pleased to tell you more about your possibilities with the vasolab® 320. Phone +49 8171 4214-0...

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