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Disintegration Tester Disintegration Test Apparatus Disintegration Test Apparatus 2901 Advantages Complies with USP, IP specifications Extremely useful for pharmaceutical labs Microprocessor based, easy to use Seven segment LED display 10 Soft touch membrane type keys User friendly operation with current status indicators Supports Two USP baskets assemblies. Each basket is controlled by independent Timer and Motor Programmable temperature controller Auto parking of the basket at the top position at the end of the test External probe for beaker temperature validation Year 1Warranty Disintegration Tester is a solid state instrument designed for the accurate estimation of disintegration time of tablets as per IP/USP standards. The instrument is designed to test two batches of six tablets, simultaneously. The unit is extremely useful for pharmaceutical industries. It is used in quality control and R & D to determine compliance with the disintegration requirement of the tablet and capsule as per USP/BP/IP standards. Instrument uses the latest microprocessor technology and advanced engineering techniques so as to give enhanced accuracy and reproducibility. The system has user friendly prompts, which guide you throughout the measurement process. ESICO INTERNATIONAL AN ISO 9001 : 2008 CERTIFIED CO. The instrument has two basket assemblies with independent timers and motors. The timers and temperature are displayed on 5 digit and 3 digit seven segment red LED displays respectively. Each timer can be set and used individually. The baskets are automatically positioned at the top when the test is over. The unit is provided with two glass beakers having capacity of 1000 cc with arrangement to hold temperature sensor placed in the sturdy, acrylic water bath. The large spread out stainless steel heater ensures perfectly uniform heating. The instrument has a dual channel temperature system with sensors to monitor the test temperature of disintegration beaker as well as water bath. The temperature of the water bath and vessels are accurately maintained using highly accurate sensors and microcontroller technology. The basket speed is accurately controlled and maintained as per IP USP specifications. ,

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