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annel annel otometer otomefer Accurate Na, K, Ca & Li Determination Dual Channel For Simultaneous Observation Of Na & K With Single Aspiration (391) Concentric Non-Corrosive Nebulizer Auto Ignition Year Warranty Digital Clinical Flame Photometer Model 391 is a Dual Channel Flame Photometer used for simultaneous observation of Na & K in blood serum (Plasma), Urine & other type of biological fluids. The instruments are supplied in two units viz. Main Unit and Compressor Unit. The Main Unit comprises of digital display, detector, filters and nebulizer. The compressor unit supplies the compressed air to the Main Unit. Air at a given pressure is passed into the atomiser. The suction produced by it draws the solution of the sample into the nebulizer and is sprayed as fine mist into the flame. The light emitted by the element at the characteristic wavelength is isolated by the narrow band interference filters, which then falls on to the silicon photodiode. After signal conditioning of the photodiode output, it is sent to digital converter and the results are displayed directly in ppm/meq value. The narrow band interference filters are mounted on a rotating disc fitted within the Main Unit. Appropriate filter can be selected by rotating this disc with the thumb. The oil free compressor with regulator maintains a stable airflow.

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Dual Channel Flame Photometer –391/392 - 2

Rugged & accurate instrument to determine concentration of Na, K, Ca & Li in any solution. COMPRESSOR UNIT Air Supply : By oil free mini compressor unit with pressure regulator with load and over heating protection Combustion Gas LPG : Controlled by precision regulator (Domestic Gas Cylinder) Power : 230 V ± 10% AC, 50 Hz Dimensions(LxBxH) : 290 x 255 x 210 mm (Approx.) Weight: 8 Kg. (Approx.) ACCESSORIES Operation & Service Manual - 2 Nos Ignition Filament -1 No Capilary Tube Set -1 Set Cleaning Wire Set -1 Set Dust Protection Cover -1 No Nose Plier -1 No Product Range Double Beam UV/VIS...

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