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Elekta Compact™ The flexible yet affordable compact linear accelerator solution

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Elekta Compact™ Making high quality radiotherapy accessible to everyone For decades, Elekta has been providing a full range of state-of-the-art linac solutions to oncology centers around the world. Leading the way in the development of precision radiation products, service, support and training, Elekta's solutions help more and more centers gain the confidence to move towards advanced radiation treatment techniques. With its small footprint and cost effective design, Elekta Compact™ is the gateway to modern RT for oncology centers that need to start small but are thinking big for the...

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Core Technology Elekta Compact is designed specifically to ensure accurate dose placement with minimal radiation to surrounding tissues. Each component within the linac supports this so your patients can receive the most accurate treatment. Confidence for accurate treatment delivery Elekta Compact provides single-energy 6MV radiation and is capable of delivering a range of treatments from simple to complex-including IMRT. The independent diaphragm x-ray head provides a full 360° rotation, large 40 cm x 40 cm field size and x-ray beam blocking capability. When this is dedicated for a...

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Imaging Precision and speed in patient setup and repositioning Precise positioning of the patient is vitally important to ensure accurate dose delivery and minimal radiation of surrounding tissues. A choice of imaging solutions allows quick and cost-effective patient positioning to enable accurate treatment and valuable workflow efficiencies. Accurate patient position verification iViewC™ is the optional 2D MV imaging solution designed specifically for Elekta Compact. It is easy to use and cost effective—but not at the expense of quality. Based on the world-renowned iView GT™ image...

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Software options to suit your clinic Elekta Compact is available as a complete solution for clinics—with a range of software options to support treatment planning and oncology information management. Software options are available in entry-level formats, which are easily upgradeable to the full capabilities of more advanced parent packages. Monaco® Treatment planning solution for personalized patient care Monaco allows clinicians to choose from a broad suite of planning tools and a range of robust dose calculation algorithms to optimize radiation treatment delivery for individual patients...

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Expanding Clinical Practice Elekta offers a wide portfolio of accessories and support to allow radiation treatment centers to expand their clinical practice. Beam shaping Elekta provides excellent beam-shaping capabilities across the range of delivery techniques to support low integral dose to the patient. Image guided radiotherapy Elekta offers a choice of IGRT options allowing the freedom to use the best imaging modality for each patient and clinic. Patient positioning and immobilization Elekta has a comprehensive range of patient positioning and immobilization solutions that emphasize...

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Elekta Care Upgrade Solutions Elekta Care™ is designed to help you maximize the use of your Elekta technology, so you can focus on your patients and your practice. Elekta Care supports you from startup through your product’s lifecycle with comprehensive options from education, training and upgrades to solutions allowing you the highest uptime and improved operational efficiency. Startup Services Optimized Use System Availability

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For almost five decades, Elekta has been a leader in precision radiation medicine. Our nearly 4,000 employees worldwide are committed to ensuring everyone in the world with cancer has access to—and benefits from—more precise, personalized radiotherapy treatments. * f in elekta.com /elekta @elekta /company/ elekta LPCCOM190102 v1.0 © 2019 Elekta AB (publ.)All mentioned trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of the Elekta Group. All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the copyright holder.

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