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Brachytherapy Afterloading Platform Safety through simplicity

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To maintain a high level of care, Elekta designed a brand new afterloading platform for brachytherapy: Flexitron. Putting the user— not the technology—first, Flexitron offers a logical workflow and intuitive user interface

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Why Flexitron? Providing your oncology patients with the best possible care, consistently and over time, is a high priority. Accuracy and efficiency in treatment delivery are more important than ever, as is the need to reduce the possibility of human error – often the result of complex technology and a complicated workflow. ·Designed for safety by reducing workflow complexity · ·Boosting your clinical team’s confidence and efficiency · ·Connectivity to OIS, such as MOSAIQ® · ·Safe investment in treatment delivery solution · with future upgrade potential “As head of the university...

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A new standard in treatment delivery Flexitron offers a logical workflow and intuitive system operation providing more logic and fewer variables. Flexitron has optimized the treatment delivery process based on an analysis of your workflow. With five simple yet ingenious features, we have created a new way of working, introducing a new standard in treatment delivery. Flexitron helps your clinical team to work safely and efficiently so you can be confident that the execution of all steps in the workflow will proceed as planned. Standard transfer tube length Always 1000 mm. No length to type...

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Reconstruct the catheters within the treatment or target area Select any point on the CT-marker for each catheter; there’s no need to fill in the indexer length and offset Use the point as a marker with a defined distance Enter the distance from the connector end of the catheter, this is the marker to zero point distance Plan your dose distribution The result Accurate, reproducible and safe treatment delivery.

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Plan to perform When Oncentra® Brachy treatment planning (v4.5) is used in combination with the new Flexitron afterloading platform, you will optimally benefit from a number of smart features that allow an easy, standardized way of treatment planning—while feeling confident about accurate and safe treatment delivery. Benefit from constant settings, such as a fixed step size. Because all transfer tubes have a fixed length (1000 mm), the reference length will always be the same. The forward stepping source boosts your confidence about treatment accuracy (0.5 mm). For flexible catheters,...

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Elekta Care™ Get the most from your Elekta brachytherapy solution Elekta Care is designed to help you maximize the use of your Elekta technology, so you can focus on your patients and your practice. Elekta Care™ System Availability Service & Support Elekta Care™ supports you from startup through your product's lifecycle with comprehensive options from education, training and upgrades to solutions allowing you the highest uptime and improved operational efficiency.

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We are healthcare technology innovators, specializing in radiotherapy treatments for cancer and brain disorders. We help clinicians to improve patients' lives through our forward-thinking treatment solutions and oncology informatics, creating focus where it matters to achieve better outcomes. /company/ elekta ©Elekta Art. No.888.00414 MKT [05] © 2017 Elekta AB (publ.) All mentioned trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of the Elekta Group. All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the copyright holder.

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