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Interstitial Brachytherapy for Gynecology Dose tailored to the patient

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Improved dosimetry with IGABT Elekta has developed a state-of-the-art Image Guided Adaptive Brachytherapy treatment solution for combined intracavitary (IGABT) is rooted in 3D conformal imaging. and interstitial brachytherapy that is as The introduction of interstitial needles allows easy and fast as a normal intracavitary the user to adapt the standard pear-shaped procedure. The solution is designed to allow isodose pattern to the actual tumor size, eective treatment of early-stage and more advanced cancers. Visualization of dose coverage of cervical applicator with intracavitary...

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Why our solution for GYN Interstitial Brachytherapy? Improved dose coverage Simplified needle insertion Accelerated treatment planning

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Simplified needle insertion Utrecht Interstitial CT/MR Applicator Interstitial Ring CT/MR Applicator Using the Vienna Ring applicator as basis, we have advanced the concept of interstitial gynecologic applicators in collaboration with clinical experts. As a result, the Utrecht Interstitial CT/MR Applicator and the Interstitial Ring CT/MR Applicator were developed. These applicators can be used for both intracavitary and interstitial procedures and feature the ProGuide insertion technology. The ovoid or ring act as a template for the placement of needles, providing you with optimized control...

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ProGuide Insertion Technology The ProGuide technology allows for easy and controlled needle insertion and reproducible implantations. Guiding tubes are connected to the applicator’s ring or ovoids before insertion in the patient. When the applicator is in position, the insertion tool is used to implant the needles one by one in the target area through the guiding tubes at a pre-determined length.

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State-of-the-art treatment delivery Elekta Brachytherapy encompasses more than 35 years of innovations in afterloading technology. We have established an unparalleled reputation for reliability, safety and performance in the treatment delivery that is needed to perform brachytherapy treatments of all types of cancer. Our key technological advances have resulted in an integrated package of treatment planning and delivery systems. We believe that our solutions, services and extensive knowledge of precisely targeted brachytherapy can play a vital role in treating cancer successfully....

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Accelerated treatment planning Oncentra Brachy is a comprehensive and user-friendly treatment planning system that includes state-of-the-art optimization algorithms. It oers the latest and most advanced tools and technology to make the best brachytherapy plan possible. Applicator geometry Source path Oncentra® Brachy Oncentra Brachy integrates tools and technology that accelerate the planning workflow, while never losing sight of plan quality. Robust tools, such as Applicator Modeling and the ROI Catalog Manager are designed to expedite the procedure and ensure reproducibility throughout...

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Elekta brachytherapy solutions are part of Elekta’s leading radiation therapy portfolio and encompass more than 35 years of Nucletron® innovations. These advanced products include Esteya® electronic brachytherapy, Flexitron® afterloading, Oncentra® Brachy treatment planning, the broadest range of applicators in the industry and Real-time Prostate solutions. A human care company, Elekta pioneers significant innovations and clinical solutions harnessing both external and internal radiation therapy for treating cancer and brain disorders. Elekta provides intelligent and resource-efficient...

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