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Simplifying your cancer registry process

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Make Informed Decisions From case finding and abstracting to data collection and lifetime patient follow-up, METRIQ® data management system provides the efficient tools and solutions you need while reducing operating costs.

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Coordinate your entire cancer registry process METRIQ core capabilities are extended with smooth workflow management, customizable data integration and outcomes analysis tools. You’ll also be able to make more informed decisions with access to the critical data needed to effectively review, analyze and ultimately improve clinical outcomes. This data management system allows you to easily integrate incoming records by importing data from third-party sources including MOSAIQ® OIS and generic electronic health record (EHR) systems. And, you’ll receive thorough datasets as the status of...

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Workflow Management Streamlined workflow tools, including abstract configuration, follow-up manager, user-defined fields, protocol lists and edits processing, centralize functions into a single, integrated user environment supporting each registry's specific data management requirements. Ease of Use Simple navigation, intuitive screen displays and helpful keyboard shortcuts speed up the abstracting process. Efficient Merge Capabilities Automated case finding and electronic updates also include patient follow-up. Expedited Case-finding Downloading data from hospital information systems,...

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Standards Compliance Routine updates ensure that METRIQ satisfies current regulatory reporting and accreditation requirements. User-Defined Fields Perform quick customization of data capture for non-required fields and special studies. Data Quality Multiple quality checks that incorporate the edit metafiles for on-demand and sequential edits processing help guarantee data records meet applicable regional, national and international quality standards. Multi-Facility and Multi-State METRIQ is the leader in cancer registry innovation by pioneering support of multi-state databases. Share...

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Data Integration METRIQ can be configured to import data, including patient treatment episodes, directly from MOSAIQ® electronic health record through MOSAIQ® Connect, as well as from other top EHR vendor sources through open source importing file configuration. The system can also integrate patient data to create a survivorship care plan. And, the import manager uses automatic probabilistic matching and case consolidation to assist the registrar in determining if the incoming records will create a new abstract or update existing patient information. Outstanding Service and Support Our...

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Elekta Cloud Solutions for METRIQ With our cloud solutions, free your staff to concentrate on the relevant tasks to assure timely data processing with highest quality for patient and population analysis. Worry Free Optimize performance and scale your practice Our completely managed oncology-specific platform for hosting Elekta software delivers high availability, performance optimization and the ability to quickly adapt to fast-changing needs by increasing performance or storage in minutes. Cost-Effective Control costs and eliminate unplanned expenses By limiting the need for IT acquisition...

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We are healthcare technology innovators, specializing in radiotherapy treatments for cancer and brain disorders. We help clinicians to improve patients' lives through our forward-thinking treatment solutions and oncology informatics, creating focus where it matters to achieve better outcomes. LPCMET170607 v2.0 © 2018 Elekta AB (publ.) All mentioned trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of the Elekta Group. All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the copyright holder.

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