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MOSAIQ® Evaluate Integrated plan management and dose review A new paradigm of treatment planning management

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MOSAIQ® Evaluate Integrated plan management and dose review MOSAIQ Evaluate delivers a truly integrated oncology management system, providing comprehensive treatment planning tools such as plan management and dose review directly within MOSAIQ. Multiple plan evaluation, approval and promotion can now be performed inside the patient chart, allowing clinicians to review the entire treatment plan on any MOSAIQ workstation. The combination of MOSAIQ with powerful treatment planning functions in a single software framework offers a multitude of efficiency gains and quality improvements for...

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Why MOSAIQ® Evaluate? Provide the tools to help clinicians improve treatment quality with multiple RT plan, dose and DVH review within MOSAIQ View an interactive display of the actual RT Plan and DRRs in MOSAIQ Send the RT plan and reference images concurrently from virtually any Treatment Planning System (TPS) to MOSAIQ or in any sequence Manage plans for different treatment modalities on any MOSAIQ workstation Export, archive and restore plans, DICOM images and RT objects with MOSAIQ® Data Director

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Make more informed treatment decisions MOSAIQ® Evaluate supports the management of plans for different modalities and multi-modality images, photon, electron, brachytherapy and proton plans while powerful graphical displays and analytical tools help you to compare and quantify information. This helps clinicians compare plans from different systems, quantify and evaluate dose coverage trade-offs, to ensure the best possible course of treatment for each patient. MOSAIQ Evaluate enables closer integration of treatment planning functions into the MOSAIQ clinical workflow while enabling the...

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With MOSAIQ Evaluate, users can: • Display the treatment plan within the EMR View dose and beams on registered images Plan summation and subtraction Configure Multi-User approvals Review DVH Goal assessment Compare rival trial plans Approve plan and associated prescription MOSAIQ Plan Worklist identifies approved plans and triggers QA check

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Deliver more efficient patient care Radiation Oncologist • Streamline workflow • Improve productivity With MOSAIQ Evaluate the planning system now has access to all clinical treatment data from MOSAIQ, enabling the clinician and planning staff to adapt the plan as changes occur in the treatment course, based on the wealth of clinical data available in the patient chart. The Radiation Oncologist, Physicist, Dosimetrist and patients will realize the benefits of MOSAIQ Evaluate through streamlining planning activities inside the EMR, reducing patient wait times and delays and improving...

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With MOSAIQ Evaluate, plan data is directly integrated into MOSAIQ, creating opportunities for data mining and retrospective queries on historical plan information. All plan information is accessible, either at a MOSAIQ workstation or accessed remotely with MOSAIQ Mobile*. MOSAIQ Evaluate single plan review showing DVH.

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