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Workflow Management with IQ Scripts™ Automate your oncology workflow for optimal patient care

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Workflow Management with IQ Scripts™ Delivering Customer-centric Workflow Automation and Customization Building upon collaborative partnerships with customers and decades of technical expertise, MOSAIQ® Oncology Information Management system continues to drive innovative, feature rich tools to manage the complete oncology workflow through its extensible open platform. MOSAIQ was the first to deliver a flexible user interface through a configurable workspace, Quality Checklists, Care Plans and Assessments, establishing the foundation for creating clinic-defined automated patient pathways and...

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MOSAIQ IQ Scripts brings advanced automation and process improvement to deliver greater control, efficiency and customization across the entire oncology workflow, specific to your departments needs. Introducing MOSAIQ IQ Scripts An IQ Script is started from a trigger, such as a button in a dialog on screen, which acts as the IQ Script launch point. Other triggers can include creating an order, changes to patient data, etc. A highly flexible and customizable tool, MOSAIQ IQ Scripts executes user-defined clinical or business logic to improve the flow of patients and treatment data through the...

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Automating Common Process Tasks MOSAIQ IQ Scripts can automatically create a new Quality Check List (QCL) whenever a previous QCL has been completed. This process has many different use cases – often used to assign tasks and check the Imaging -> Simulation -> Contouring -> Review -> Planning -> Evaluation -> Approval workflow. MOSAIQ IQ Scripts provides you the power to customize without programming and is another example of MOSAIQ as an extensible oncology solution for your center. Why MOSAIQ® IQ SCRIPTS™? Match clinical workflows to suit your specific needs Other examples include: •...

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• Collect and analyze all aspects platform that captures your entire oncology practice experience, providing powerful across Radiation Therapy, insights into your treatment techniques, patient outcomes Therapy in a single system • Drive quality checklists to • Unique scalable, open platform safely manage every aspect of MOSAIQ enables connectivity to the widest range of interfaces • Quickly access information used most frequently through in the industry • Efficiently manage the patient’s customizable toolbars and inter- continuum of care, facilitating changeable workspace panes effective...

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for treating cancer and brain disorders. Elekta provides intelligent and resource-efficient technologies that improve, prolong and save patient lives. We go beyond collaboration seeking long-term relationships built on trust with a shared vision, offering confidence to healthcare providers and their patients. Human Care Makes the Future Possible Corporate Head Office: Regional Sales, Marketing and Service: Europe, Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America Tel +46 8 587 254 00 Fax +46 8 587 255 00 Art. nr. LPCMSQ120506 v1.0 © 2012 Elekta AB (publ). All...

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