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MOSAIQ® Locate* Frame-based stereotactic localization With advanced planning capabilities at your fingertips, you can expand your offerings to work with Radiotherapy, Radiosurgery and Neurosurgery teams to provide treatment planning for a broader range of patients than before. With powerful MOSAIQ® RTP software, you can enhance your practice of evidence-based medicine, increasing productivity while optimizing treatment planning, treatment delivery and workflow. MOSAIQ Locate is the fundamental Radiosurgery tool for Stereotactic Localization fully complementing the most advanced Image Guided Radiosurgery techniques. Planning for complex treatments such as Stereotactic Radiotherapy and Radiosurgery will be facilitated with MOSAIQ Locate support for stereotactic localization. This module will extend existing MOSAIQ support for imaging workflows to include those required for Stereotactic radiation treatment or Neurosurgery procedures. It will complement IGRT frameless solutions and provide submillimetric positioning accuracy using multimodal imaging modalities (CT, MR, AX). Users will be able to perform stereotactic localization in the OIS / EMR anywhere MOSAIQ is installed in their clinic, receiving the data (images, contours, plans) from any Treatment Planning System. MOSAIQ Locate is the first step to implement, in MOSAIQ, those features currently available in the Stereotactic planning applications of Elekta (ERGO++, XiO, Monaco, GammaPLAN and SurgiPLAN) TPS products to unify the localization process. MOSAIQ Locate will also be fully interfaced with any commercially available DICOM-RT compatible Treatment Planning System. This application will support Stereotactic localization and calibration for Stereotactic frames. Most commercially available head frames (for intracranial Stereotactic Radiosurgery) and body frames (for extra cranial Stereotactic Radiotherapy) will be supported, including those from Elekta (including Medical Intelligence and 3D Line), BrainLab, Radionics, Leibinger, Komai, and Barcia. MOSAIQ Locate will also be highly configurable for research-related geometric descriptions. MOSAIQ Locate will support: • Contrast thresholding to increase automatic recognition of the Stereotactic fiducials • Semi-automatic recognition of frame fiducials • Snap to grid option to automatically detect fiducial image center(s) • Inheritance of fiducial points from other calibrated 2D images *MOSAIQ Locate is a works in progess Why MOSAIQ® Locate? • Stereotactic localization distributed in MOSAIQ and compatible with any TPS client • Compatibility with any head, head & neck, body and angiographic multimodal frames • For use with Stereotactic Radiotherapy, Stereotactic Radiosurgery and Neurosurgery procedures For more information please visit

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• Real time report, identifying mis-calibrated individual images, and hardcopy • Conversion of plan isocenter(s) from DICOM to Stereotactic coordinates MOSAIQ Locate fiducial calibration: Transverse and 3D window. MOSAIQ Locate real time report. Human Care Makes the Future Possible Corporate Head Office: Regional Sales, Marketing and Service: Europe, Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America Tel +46 8 587 254 00 Fax +46 8 587 255 00 Art. nr. LPSMSQ101008 1.0 © 2010 Elekta AB (publ). All mentioned trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of the...

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