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MOSAIQ Medical Oncology EHR ® Integrated Oncology Management System

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MOSAIQ Medical Oncology EHR ® Integrated Oncology Management System MOSAIQ provides insight into the complete patient record for all members of the cancer care team. Thousands of oncologists have chosen to streamline their practice with comprehensive oncology-specific EHR software that has been leading the industry since 1992. From patient intake through scheduling, assessments, ordering, documentation, and follow-up, MOSAIQ’s proven software has been specifically created to meet the intricacies of medical oncology. This best-of-breed solution provides comprehensive, accessible electronic...

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Seamless Integration Reduce redundant data entry. MOSAIQ’s consolidated database allows easy integration and support. Data is entered once and made available throughout the cancer center. Leverage potentially dramatic improvements in efficiency and cost savings. Provide clear communication across all care team members via electronic data management and visual representation. Easy to Use Configurable worklists, customizable workflow, specialized email, electronic reimbursements and other tools offer smarter workflow with higher levels of efficiency.

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Automated, real-time information, when and where it’s needed. Health Disease stage Care team Clinical knowledge Business intelligence Personalized and responsive care plan Clinical Patient expertise input Clinical discov

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Improve patient safety and clinical workflow with MOSAIQ Streamline Chemotherapy Improve efficiencies with dose calculations, dose management, pre-defined regimens, rules engine, pharmacy module and customizable assessments. Why MOSAIQ? ·· Streamlines workflow to improve process efficiency and ensure high-quality patient care Enable Clinical Decisions View critical information, review lab results, plan and order treatment (CPOE), track patient progress and modify orders based on patient conditions from a single Clinician Worksheet. ·· Integrates Practice Management including advanced...

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MOSAIQ-exclusive information and processes help you make smart business decisions Improve Continuity MOSAIQ is integrated with all business functions, including scheduling, procedure management and revenue cycle management. Optimize Resources Resource scheduling automates appointment scheduling and facilitates treatment authorization, co-pay collection and charges. Capture Codes Embedded charge intelligence enables straightforward capture, audit, and export of billable procedures, supplies and other utilization information. Reports and Reporting A suite of clinical and administrative...

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MOSAIQ adds value Increase practice efficiency productivity, financial performance and clinical quality Home Page View summary of daily tasks such as scheduled activities, worklists and information critical to your role and customized to each role in the cancer center. Clinician Worksheet Streamline practice efficiency and improve order accuracy with fast, single-screen processing of chemotherapy orders. Payroll overtime decreased 85% A/R days decreased by 15 days Safety Features Right patient, right procedure, right medication, right dose, right site, and right time. Highly visible patient...

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Stay connected to other departments—with MOSAIQ, knowledge is securely shared Connects All Departments within the Cancer Center Specialized tools speed communication within the department. MOSAIQ supports navigator and survivor program communications. Hospital Enterprise Connectivity MOSAIQ connects to the hospital enterprise via industry standard HL7 interfaces. Open source system enables communication with other information systems including existing lab, practice management or billing systems. Enhanced Security Tiered security by role or department allows pre-approved users to access...

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Patient Chart Display detailed patient chart with customizable views and full details are no more than a click away. Diagnosis and Staging Easily record diagnosis codes to facilitate chart documentation, treatment and reimbursement. Cancer staging is recorded from oncology-specific, standards based menus. Medication Administration Readily review, co-sign, and treat medication treatment orders for each patient. Delivering long-term care and follow up for cancer survivors Supporting cancer survivors leads to better long-term follow-up information that can be recorded and reported in MOSAIQ to...

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Elekta Cloud Solutions for MOSAIQ With our cloud solutions, free your staff to concentrate on the relevant tasks to assure timely data processing with highest quality for patient and population analysis. Highlights Worry Free Optimize performance and scale your practice Our completely managed oncology-specific platform for hosting Elekta software delivers high availability, performance optimization and the ability to quickly adapt to fastchanging needs by increasing performance or storage in minutes. Cost-Effective Control costs and eliminate unplanned expenses By limiting the need for IT...

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Elekta CareTM is designed to help you maximize the use of your Elekta technology, so you can focus on your patients and your practice. Elekta Care supports you from startup through your product’s lifecycle with comprehensive options from education, training and upgrades to solutions allowing you the highest uptime and improved operational efficiency. Professional Services Upgrade Solutions Startup Services Optimized Use System Service & Support To learn more, visit — 11

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We are healthcare technology innovators, specializing in radiotherapy treatments for cancer and brain disorders. We help clinicians to improve patients' lives through our forward-thinking treatment solutions and oncology informatics, creating focus where it matters to achieve better outcomes. /company/ elekta ©Elekta Art. No. LPCMSQ171002 vl.0 © 2018 Elekta AB (publ.) All mentioned trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of the Elekta Group. All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the copyright holder.

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